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My first 10k run!



Up until the week before last I didn't run for a couple of weeks for reasons I can't remember and no doubt weren't good enough, but anyway I got back into doing 5k three times a week last week.

My housemate, whom I get on well with, asked if I fancied a run on Sunday morning. I was initially a bit hesitant because I was determined to run on Monday, but Gerwin rarely runs outside the gym and it was a nice day.

We went at a pace of around 5:30 per km. By doing this we ended up running around 7k, which is further than I'd run before and I felt I could go further.

Monday afternoon I set off in the direction of Roath Lake. Much was (and probably is now) closed due to the oncoming Cardiff Half (tomorrow) (well done and good luck if you're doing it) but I could still use some of the lake's surrounding path and the road pavement was fine. I remember I had run around 8k before my legs began reminding me I had run 7k the morning before but so close to 10 I pressed on and finished. I think I've wanted to cover 10k at least since the day after graduating Couch to 5k so as you'll imagine it was a nice feeling.

Unsurprisingly on my run on Wednesday afternoon I don't think I'd have run 8k if you'd offered me a sizeable amount of money and even time off work the next day, and maybe even the next. Thinking around 2k how much I fancied a brioche roll, I realised shortly after I needed to run about 2.5k to burn the calories contained in one. 2.5k! For ONE!

I ran either 5.5 or 6km, much more comfortably, on Friday. I'll try 10k again next week and am filled with confidence :)

Thanks for reading,


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Really well done Mike for the 10K. And that's a fabulous time (but I see you are VERY young so hats off to you). Us oldies on here say it's a shame we didn't start this running thing when we were younger so you should relish in it and I hope you love it for many years to come.

I see you graduated some months ago but you haven't got your badge! Get it from the right hand side here. You worked hard for it so show it off!

And I knew Brioche was full of butter and I love them, but 2.5K for one measly roll? Mmmmnnn.

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Thanks Princess, I did the 10k in 51:18, including a few stops for traffic and a minute helping someone that got lost so I'm happy with my pace.

I do love running, mainly because I can push myself in ways work can't and I like keeping fit without a gym.

I did email the appropriate person the day I graduated, will have to chase them up, thank you for letting me know :-)


10K one big tick against that now , well done and running 5min30 pace?? for a 7k run .. hats off to you :D

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Thanks Rob, somehow micoach says I ran average of 5:06 per km for the 10k. No desire to run faster than 5:30 though!

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those are really cracking paces :) I think my best pace for a 5k was 5min42 but I am an oldie so that's ok :D


Congratulation! What a super speedy time!

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Thank you Sandra :-)


Your first 10k is another memorable running milestone......or should I say 6.2 milestones.

Keep running, keep smiling.

That's an amazing time, well done!


Wow, you are FAST !!!

Well done on a fantastic achievement ! :-) xxx

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