5x50 - pompoms and a bit of anxiety for all you heroes and heroines

How are you all doing? I've noticed a few comments about tiredness and aches and pains - are you all okay? Just remember that you have a long way to go yet, so pace yourselves and you'll get there!

It might be worth planning a rest day for yourselves perhaps - I know the advice is that if you miss a day you should spread that day's activity over the next few days, but rather than getting too tired and straining something, could you put a sauna session in there? Or a massage? Sounds good? Off you go then!

Seriously, you are all doing brilliantly. I saw Malcy's post about the 5,000k you have achieved - how amazing is that! Go Team NHS C25K - you are fantastic!


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28 Replies

  • Thanks Annie! :) You are fantastic too with your pom poms and brilliant support! We luv ya!

    Good advice and a massage sounds wonderful. We have a masseuse who comes twice a week at work so I am now going to take advantage after your prompt, thank you! :D

    Sue x

  • Great idea, Sue - enjoy, 'cos you deserve it!

  • *Waves virtual pom poms* Go Team c25k!

    I share a little anxiety too though, take it easy and space the intensity, slow and steady wins the day.

  • Yes, there's a way to go yet, but c25k-ers are brilliant and they can do it :)

  • Thanks so much guys.

    Was feeling fed up yesterday and got home far too late to do anything but moan but feel a bit better today. I'm just going to a very gentle 30 minutes on the treadmill tonight and a nice leisurely walk tomorrow with a pub lunch :D in the middle and then get back on it properly on Monday - I will not give up, I will not give up, I will not give up......

  • No, you won't give up! A gentle 30 treadmill minutes tonight and a leisurely pub walk tomorrow sound just right, and then you'll be rejuvenated for Monday. Enjoy your weekend :)

  • Keep going Khrissy!!!! Enjoy that pub lunch also, you deserve a treat! Your I WILL NOT GIVE UP, sounds like me on my 5 mile run, I kept telling myself, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN!!! Wind is my enemy right now! :-( Gayle

  • Thank you Annie!!! :-) All the cheers from you and the others are keeping us motivated! PLEASE KEEP SHAKING THOSE POM-POMS!!! After logging what we do today, Steve and I will each have 50+ miles logged walking/running, in the 2 weeks. :-) Thank you! Gayle

  • You are amazing! Over 50 miles each is awesome :) Today's pom-poms are purple and pink, if it helps to know that? :D And I'm chanting "2-4-6-8 Who do we appreciate? Team C25K - yay!" :D

  • I love purple and pink!!! I think I see bits if shiny metallic too? ;-) When I first posted, we were picking up athletic tape, an ankle support and a bunion pad... we are quite the athletes! This challenge is costing us big time in supplies as well as a trip or two through the liquor store! ;-) We are heading out soon for our 5K walk today, I will be watching for those pom-poms!!

  • Hmmm... athletic supports and a large G&T? :D Have a great time on your walk - I hope the weather is kind to you :)

  • Thanks for the support Annie. I slept until almost 10.00am this morning and my ankles feel better too. I'm going to go for a gentle cycle ride today and hope that I'm up to a run with friends tomorrow morning. My cycle ride should take me over the 100km mark - yay !!

  • Glad you had a lie in and it helped your ankles. A gentle cycle ride will take you over 100k????? Wow! You're doing brilliantly :)

  • Yipppeee! 100K!!! You rock!!! :-) Gayle

  • 107 km ! I'm really enjoying the cycling - I stopped to take photos and to explore a bit today, it was great ! :-)

  • Thanks Annie...I must say I'm only half way through my K today....am teeetering slightly!

    My thighs are killing me!

  • You'll get there, Delia - just take it gently! Nothing says you have to do your 5k at full speed every day :)

  • I've just done a strength and felx with Laura. Conscience is now clear :-)

  • Yes, definitely a good idea to have a rest day. I had one yesterday. It was unintentional but I think I needed it and I was able to run a 5k this morning. At the moment I'm only running once a week because of hip problems so have mostly been walking and going to the gym. Didn't feel bad about the rest day because I have been covering more than 5k a day up to now.

    Team is doing great! Good going everyone.

  • It's good to hear about your experience of a rest day, and great that you did a 5k this morning. Sorry to hear about your hip - I hope it improves. Keep up the good work! :)

  • Thanks for the support and pompoms Annie - love purple and pink. Lots of my k's on the 5x50 site have been logged as walking as have been including warm up/down and the walking bits in B210k but yesterday and today really were walking as I've picked up a chest/throat infection. Hope to be able to keep walking for now as everything is working ok, just a lot of coughing and wheezing going on.

  • Walking is great - it all counts! Very sorry to hear that you're not well at the moment. Keep warm and stay out of this bloomin' rain. Hope you get better soon x

  • Thanks for the support Anniemurph- I've logged a bit of walking and dancing for yesterday as was my daughters wedding - at least an hours dancing at the reception (after having to drive other daughter home for clean clothes at 10pm after 3 yr old grandson was sick all over her (overheated as he refused to take his jacket/tie and waistcoat off all day and night, then banged his head when dancing- whoops!)

    Today logged the walking around doing final preparation for our week in Wales, just got to pack my clothes and all ready! Been a busy week and feeling tired now... ;-)

    Will be at least 5 1/2 hours in the car tomorrow, but hope to be at our destination in time for a run,cycle or walk before dark - dog coming too so will be lots of walking to be done to tire her out, so can leave her to snooze while we do quick investigtions of the local sights! :-)

    Keep going everyone, we are doing well!

  • Oooh, lovely - dancing at a wedding :) Have a great time in Wales - plenty of scope for 5x50 there!

    You're all doing more than well, you're doing brilliantly :)

  • Thanks Annie! Pompoms look great! It honestly really does help reading cheer-leading blogs - just like having Laura tell us we're real runners, it makes such a difference.

    Maybe a staged challenge would be more workable for those of us that are less fit (or for people who haven't already done c25k) - 10 minutes a day for ten days, then 15, 20, 25 and 30 for the last ten days - and you could stop off at a level if it felt too much. Even ten minutes a day would be a good habit started, and might actually end up changing more people's habits overall. But perhaps too complicated. Though I have noticed someone on the facebook 5x50 page whose daughter is doing a 2.5x50 I think - presumably an imaginative mum, but what a good way to get children involved, to tailor it to fit.

  • Thinnking about it now, I could have managed 30 minutes of exercise a day, perhaps. I would really have struggled to do 5k or its equivalent every day. So I like the idea of the staged challenge, and I can see - like with the running - how it would get me fretting if I missed a day or two. Which would have been great. It would probably have been mostly walking and running, with the odd bit of swimming and of course the Mistress of Pain. However, my 5k runs would need an hour carved out of the day, a 5k walk would take me an hour, I guess, so that's starting to get a bit more challenging. I can't ride a bike, dammit, and if I go swimming it's an hour and a half round trip. Worth thinking about for next year, though.

    I'm glad the pom-poms help. I don't want to annoy people by saying, "Come on, you can do this!" when it's not me that's even trying! Well, as long as I title the blogs appropriately, people can choose whether or not to read :)

    All the best with this week!

  • Yes, it really does help, seriously!

    Today I went out for a walk at lunchtime, because the thought of a run was too much. But after about five minutes (uphill) I went round a corner, and it was downhill, and suddenly I wanted to run! Though after about three minutes the novelty had worn off again, but I kept going for 15 minutes (big deal! - better than none though).

    But even though I'd been out for half an hour, it was nowhere near 5k. So when I got home, I was going to do some yoga to fill the gap as it were, but then saw my bike in the garage, and decided that was a better idea, especially as it was such a lovely day. So I've done an hour's exercise today, and feel quite tired!

  • Yay, wanting to run! 15 minutes is a sight better than none, so don't put yourself down. I do wish I could ride a bike, but the thought of learning at my advanced age is too scary. I'm glad you went out in this lovely weather though - how nice :)

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