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Need a bit of help with motivation!


Hi all, I'm a recent graduate and have been trying to run for 4k 2/3 times a week since I finished. I'd go for 5k (I've done that a few times) but I'm running in the gym after work - 4k takes me about 32 - 34 minutes at the moment. I find 40 minutes on the treadmill is more than enough as I want to get home and eat etc! Anyway, I'm missing listening to the app and find myself clock watching which after a few minutes is pretty soul destroying when you know you've still got a long way to go! Just looking for some suggestions of anything else I can download, or any running playlists out there... I tried the couch to 5k + podcasts but didn't really like them, the counting in time was annoying me and the music seemed really quiet... I'm using player fm to listen to them on. Any recommendations are welcome! I tend to listen to indie/rock style music so find it's not that great to run to, and I find listening to new stuff motivates me more! I'm aiming to do a few more weeks of running 4k several times and when I have more time I'll try and run a bit further :) I'm still amazed I've made it this far to be honest!!

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Are you able to run outside? If not how about mixing in some intervals into your routine. I did the whole c25k on a treadmill which was fine but after that, just like you, I started to get bored. As soon as I started the intervals I noticed my speed increased and my 5k times started to come down whic motivated me. I also started the bridge to 10K which gave me another goal to aim for.


Hi I switched to the desert island disc podcasts for a bit when I found music didn’t pass the time quickly enough for me. The mix of chat with interesting people and a few music clips to break it up helped to take my mind off the clock. There are loads of other chat type podcasts if that that one doesn’t float your boats.


Get outdoors and the sensory stimulation will be multiplied hugely........forty minutes on a treadmill sounds like hell to me.


Well done Juelsk for staying with it! There are other running apps that you can download that you may find helps. There’s Nike+, Runkeeper and Strava plus more. I’m using Nike+, but you might find you like one of the others. You can play your own music and there is a set of playlists already in that app. Have a little look at them and see what you think. Keep running and enjoying it!! 😁❤️


Thanks all. I've tried running outside but only once so far. I'm not really near anywhere suitable which is why I've stuck to the treadmill.. Also I have a long standing ankle problem, so am a bit wary about running on uneven ground etc. I'm hoping in time that will come as my confidence improves. Until now the dreadmill is my friend!! I'll have a look at some of the suggestions, thanks :)


You’ve got grit for sticking with a treadmill for 40 minutes - especially after a day of work.

Just an idea, do the 9 week program again (you can listen to the podcasts again), but you do a slow and steady little trot on the ‘walk’ sections and run faster on the run sections.

I’m going to have to run inside in winter (we live in Canada and winters here can get icy), so I’m planning on doing this in winter. It was suggested to me by a 10k veteran, she said it would make my running stronger and faster.

Good luck!


You can also add incline on a treadmill, I did interval training with inclines years ago before a hiking holiday, that and the stepper really made a difference. Try repeating the podcasts with inclines for the walk bits maybe.


That's a good idea, thanks! I'll have to remember not to actually walk though :D I always have an incline on at 2% to try and replicate outside... I downloaded the Nike app but haven't tried it so will have a play with that too. Thanks!

Hi I also run in the gym (recurrent knee problem makes me wary of roads, too many potential trip hazards). I take my head phones and plug in to the tv or you tube. I get interested in programme and next thing it's the ads and 10/15 mins have passed. Works for me.


I gave up on music and used talking podcasts. If you’re a fan of QI you’ll like There’s No Such Thing as a Fish. It’s just random talking about obscure facts they couldn’t use on the programme. Very funny and I found it distracting. Some dog walkers must have thought I was a very happy runner as it often made me smile!! Well done keeping going. It’s a bit strange after graduation.

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