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Nearly doomed by the curse of Week 6 Run 1 BUT not for long!!!!!

So after the elation of Week 5 Run 3 I was full of confidence and hope as I started the next run. In the gym...first sign of trouble, my favourite treadmill was in use...nevermind picked number 2 favourite, plugged in and off I went.

Half way through the first 5 minute run...bloomin shoe lace came undone...ok ok dont worry...pause-shoe lace-rewind podcast and off I go.

Near end of 5 min run...i think i need the no you don't carry on..good.

Now the 8 min section...its all ok, I can do this mind over matter ...4 mins gone good keep going and then...

ipod fall dramtically yanking ear phones out and disappearing onto moving treadmill. It all happened so fast-i trod on the phone and the earphones shot off the treadmill.


In a diva style strop I slammed the emergency stop button, picked up parts of my running ensemble scattered behind me, stomped out to the car and cried until other half came and found me. I was so disappointed-could I have started again? Should I have?

Anyway set the alarm dead early this morning and got the gym for 630 and completed the run with no issues :) My legs were tired towards the end of the last 5min run, but I felt so much better for completing it. Also a bonus to know that running early first thing is also ok too. (I am usually an evening after work person)

Another kerfuffle put behind me!!!

What have I learnt-double knot shoelaces and go to the loo beforehand -always. Keep hands and flailing arms away from ipod and earphone wires!!

Ho hum.

Well done to everyone fabulous on overcoming their own milestones and kerfuffles. We won't give up, hey!

Justine x

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Oh noooooooooo! What happened to the good vibes I sent you?!!

Ah well. All is not lost. You've learned from it and it's now behind you. Slight hiccup, but you are well back on track again.

Must admit, I'm an early morning runner (jogger!) Part of the reason though is that I hope fewer people will see me. I run on a coastal path and it gets quite busy as the day goes on.

Good luck with the rest of it. No more kerfuffles!


:-) Well done and a high-five for getting right back on track! :-) Gayle


Ooooh no! A kerfuffle indeed... at least you got back on that treadmill! Onwards and upwards kerfuffle free :)


Thank you!

I felt so much better for getting the job done properly this morning.

I got the vibes Caledonia- don't you worry! Thinking of you for your next run! X


Well done for completing that hurdle! Sorry if I giggled to myself about the catching arms in wires, yanking out earplugs and scooting unceremoniously backwards off the treadmill - been there, done that ... feel your pain (but laughed too :D ) Over and done now, onwards and upwards... lots of luck for the next outings. You can do this!!! Linda x


I also must admit to having a laugh when reading your blog, a few lessons for all of us there too. Well done for going back and conquering that run, no stopping you now. Good luck for the next few weeks x


Thank you- I must have looked funny no doubt about that :) x laugh away - I would too reading that blog or seeing me yesterday- I just felt so tragic at the time lol 24 hrs later I'm like Justine you're so silly :) x x


God I laughed and laughed I too have done all of the above things ever tried retrieving said iPod whilst not stopping treadmill well don't lol. I go to the loo at least three times before starting and each time bladder tries to go when I start running, bladder is a big fat liar :D glad to hear am not the only one with dramas


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