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The curse of week 6 strikes again!

Had my week all nicely planned - Thurs W6R2, nice lunch out, Fri swim, Sat W6R3, Sun swim up yesterday morning feeling really grim, but just told myself "it's only half an hour, it's only 2 runs of 10 mins, easy peasy I can do it" I often swim when I feel a bit "off" I always feel perfectly well after. So, off I went at 8AM, it was already 20C here in France, the first really hot day so far this year, 35C by the afternoon, and being a Brit I guess I'm not used to it....the run went OK, but for some bizarre reason I decided to go home via the steepest hill around here during my 5 min cool down walk. I normally walk the long way round which is less of a climb. It was almost deliberate self destruct... By the time I got to the top I really didn't feel too well at all... bright red, drenched in sweat, really queasy etc...just thought I would ignore it but I felt worse and worse as the morning wore on. Spoiled my lovely lunch with BaldyBoy, and I probably won't swim today, or run tomorrow. BIG lesson learnt. Running is clearly very different to swimming, at least to my body... I won't let it put me off though, but I will take a bit more account of the temperature, and how I'm actually feeling. Looking forward to a break in the weather, and some rain! Oh England, I miss you and your gentle climate!

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Naughty naughty pushing that self destruct button, have been guilty myself. The cool down walk should be on the flat if possible in the shade too! Fantastic to have completed it and we all learn lessons along the way which are in invaluable. We are waiting for the hottest dAy here today 30deg! Bring it on I say, I did my run at 7am in a lovely breeze.


At least you got out there and did it. Hopefully you'll feel better today. Forecast for 30 degrees today but there were massive thunderstorms last night. It is much tougher running in the sun even at 6am it was muggy. Hope you are up to your run tomorrow just take it gently and you'll be fine


You gotta take care Curly!!!! You have to finish this thing in one piece. I know how you found yourself in the wrong place cos I do it all the time and I could kick myself. Doh!

Have a rest and you'll be fine. Get back out there when it's cooler


Oh my Curlygurly please be careful!!!! But a huge well done for completing the run :D You should have listened to your body and stayed in bed. Naughty girl.


Yes, not only naughty but stupid. I remember feeling quite ill this time last year when the weather changed. This is the problem here, nothing between freezing and boiling lol! It changes so quickly, even the locals suffer for a few days until they acclimatise. I will take more care in future - until next year probably! Not going out today, tomorrow is forecast to rain, so I'm looking forward to that! I just didn't want to get left behind, all you others have probably finished week 6, but I've realised it's more important to finish the course in my own time, or my body's own time. I've already had 2 weeks rest at the beginning when I got shin splints, kinda wonder what it is a bout this running stuff that makes us

keep doing it! Well you lot help of course XXX


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