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Defeated by week 6 run 3!!

Just got back and I am exhausted! This is the first run I just could not complete. Started off ok, but its quite warm out there tonight and I could only get to about 15 minutes and I just had to stop! I have never run in the warmer weather, I usually go early morning or later in the evening when its cooler, so that could have contributed i suppose. So, I'm going to try again early on Sunday morning. You will not beat me week 6!

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I agree about the warmer weather. I was near the end of my run and all I could think about was that my feet were hot!

Enjoy your morning run and then only 9 runs to go to graduation.


at least you gave it a good go, you will do it soon so don't let it get you down. It is hard running in the sun, mornings are good. :-)


Don't underestimate the effect of the warmth - it really puts me off, hugely! All the best for Sunday morning - bet you'll find it much easier!


Defeated is a strong word, I would say Setback is more appropriate and I reckon Setback can kick Defeated's arse anytime. :)

Week six will be history, on Sunday.



We all have days when something gets in the way of completing something. You will get there on Sunday, I am sure.


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