W5 R3 tears

W5 R3 tears

So I know I come across as an emotional wreck but I know many of your have posted assurance that expressing emotion is a normal part of the C25K journey.

Today's run ended with me bubbling gently in the car on the way home.

This morning I crushed W5 R3 - look at all my worries/stress about it in previous posts! I set off and was quite cold, making a mental note to self that I must post and ask you all how you run with gloves without looking like a ***, maybe there's special cool running gloves or something, and before I knew it Laura was saying that was 5 mins.

Wow, I thought, I'll be able to do 10 mins then as I hardly noticed that was 5 mins as I was composing a post to HealthUnlocked in my head. Sure enough, 10 mins came and went so I saw a corner of the park to aim for so thought I would go for that and see if that got me to 15 mins - it did - and Laura was so gently encouraging that I saw another way marker to aim for....and I did it!! I didnt listen to the gremlins, I looked for the next marker to aim for, saw someone being pushed in a wheelchair and fancied myself overtaking them (I didn't).

And another first - I actually overtook walkers!!! I have said lots of times how slow I am, being a heavy lump (I had my teenage son saying to me just today, so are there 5Ks for fat people?) so I usually pace walkers but politely take another path through the park so they don't feel I'm a slow-jogging-stalker. Today I overtook two 'leisure-suited' young men - woo hoo!!!! I think they did slow their pace to let me do so, to be honest, but nevertheless I felt like a proper runner.

Week 6, I'm coming for you next week!!

PS look at my run route. OCD straight line people, head for the next post........


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  • Great work! I'm slow, slow, slow so I know exactly how you feel :) Keep it up, you're doing so well!

  • Firstly, well done.... very very well done. Secondly, slow is the new fast, thirdly, think of a suitable reply for your teenage son...whom I am sure you love dearly...( E.g I might reply, Why, yes, I'm sorry, does it make you feel lazy? But that's just me)

    You are doing brilliantly.... really well. Everyone overtook me, at the start, it happens to most of us :)

    Slow and really steady....you are getting there, small steps.. that is the way... i still have goals.. like...just to the post box...just to the corner... it gets us there..Well done!

  • Way to go Sofargoner ! You nailed it, absolutely! Just go into week 6 with same approach and you will nail that too! To be honest, yesterday was the first time i had really been comfortable over-taking a walker........For the first time ever as I approached I said , 'so sorry...on your left!'. She smiled said 'thank you, enjoy your run'. Afterwards I thought...... was that really me??????

    Even us older, more weighty runners get there in the end. Ignore the boy, be proud and loud about your success๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿป

  • yay thats excellent! well done you! your son is so cheeky! :(

    that 20 mins is a real milestone moment, its a looooooooooooooooong time so feel very proud!

    ps yes there are runners gloves, mine are sports direct and only ยฃ5

    mine aren't pink tho!


  • Fantastic. Well done. Yep, lots of emotion!

  • Excellent news ๐Ÿ˜€ Now enjoy your well earned rest day before starting to conquer W6 ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿƒ

  • Fantastic, you did it, and you know you can go on and finish this! Cheeky young man - I sympathise, I have a partner who says you can't really call that running and a brother who thinks the same, he thinks my 5k speed is pitiful - but I know they are both wrong, I know I couldn't do this just a few short months ago and that I will get better. I'm healthier and lighter and will keep this going and you will too :-) :-) x

  • Sofargoner I've got my proud mum face on (sorry)! I can't begin to tell you how chuffed I am :) That is such a milestone under your belt. You really really can do this, are doing this. Awesome achievement :)

  • Aw a Massive Well done to you, that it is a major milestone in the programme , a real turning point and I can remember after this one I just wanted to sob my heart out too !

    I think it brings all sorts of emotions to the fore this particular run. It makes you really feel you can go on and complete the programme and its just so overwhelming when you think back to those first scary steps on W1R1 and here you are , running for 20 minutes !!!

    Lovely post , Well done :-) xxx

  • Well done I think that is one of the hardest runs of the whole 9 weeks!. When I started the podcast for that week I had no idea what was coming and although there were no tears there was a lot of swearing. Just as well no one was near me

  • Love that picture of you running with expletive power!

  • Running gloves are quite fine, well mine are, so they won't get noticed. Not like they're sheepskin mittens or owt, so you shouldn't feel or look out of place. I was fancying some Ron Hill ones today in purple. I think they were fine knit wool ones. Running with gloves is ok but you soon get very hot and have to take them off, so you need a jacket with a pocket

    Good luck for Week 6! Go nice and steady. Slow is the way to tackle it! Have fun!

    Your son won't be making wise cracks like that once you're running rings round him. You'll be able to challenge him to join you

  • well I did invite him to join me on a 5K and that was the retort I got, so the invitation has been withdrawn! (for the time being, not forever)

  • It would be grand to run with your son. I wish mine would run with me. He won't get off the ruddy treadmill for some reason. Bah!

  • Oh yes. That was a run of tears for me as well. Good job.

  • It's not quite cold enough here yet. But when it is I fully intend to wear sock puppets as gloves.

    And you are a WONDERFUL Runner btw โ˜บ

  • Well done! I have some ghastly dayglo yellow gloves from SD with a key pocket. They do look ridiculous, but I don't care. To be fair, they are probably the least ridiculous-looking part of me when I go out for a run :)

  • love this reply! Laughing here! Sorry I missed it when you posted it :-)

  • I put my car key down my Shock Absorber

    Beat that boys!!!

  • Great run Sofargoner..you really nailed that breakthrough 20 min run๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜

    I have neoprine fingerless gloves but Im sure there are nice thin running ones..you deserve a present after cracking week 5...

    Onwards and upwards..you are doing brilliantly.. out of the way pedestrians runner coming through..nice and slowly and steadily๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Slow is always good, it allows us to run for longer, to enjoy running and avoid injury. There is plenty of time to speed up later. When I graduated, I wanted to just run three times a week and kept plodding but as I got fitter, my speed grew naturally. While on the programme, as long as you do the time, you win!!

  • That's excellent Sofargoner. Well done! :) I completed w5r2 earlier today and I really struggled badly to almost crawl to the finishing line, and it dented my confidence I can tell you. Now I really don't think I have enough in my tank to go 20 minutes non-stop.

  • I honestly honestly felt 100% the same as you. Just repeat that run again, calling the first one 'your practice' then try R3. I genuinely couldn't believe it, I struggled with 8 mins the first time. Keep going, we believe you can do it!

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