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W5 R3- could’ve gone better!

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Maybe I wasn’t hydrated enough, too tired, sun too bright, warm up walk needed to be longer, maybe I was just overthinking this one… I have been trying to tell myself why I just couldn’t do the full 20 mins today.

I’m going to try again at the weekend. 5 mins in to the run, my head started to tell me I just wasn’t up to it tonight. I slowed to a walk and started telling myself off- picked up to a run again about 30 seconds later. Again, at around the 10 and 15 mins marks, I felt I needed to walk and did! To be honest, I almost cut off the track to just walk home, but I told myself that was ridiculous and I should keep trying!

I was so excited after managing 8 minutes twice last Sunday so thought I’d be able to push myself through this one.

I’m telling myself I haven’t failed, that perhaps I just wasn’t up for it tonight. I completed the time I just didn’t manage the full amount of running time.

Jo was congratulating me for running for certain amounts of time and (out loud) I told her “no I haven’t!” I’m quite disappointed in myself.

Any tips for making it though my second attempt on Saturday? I’m determined I will succeed!!

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Well done on getting out there and congratulations on telling yourself that you have failed nothing..........we tend to call them practice runs and you will be better prepared for the next one.

Everything going on in our lives can impact on our performance as a runner. Restedness, hydration and nutrition are at the top of my list of variables that need to be optimised to enable enjoyable running.

This post expands on the theme. healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

If you are still doubtful, this breakdown of W5 may also help healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Prepare well, relax and enjoy it.......... don't let it become a battle.

You can do this!!!

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Please don't stress. It happens to everyone. There are many reasons why things don't work out such as hydration, tiredness, life stuff.

Just consider it a dress rehearsal and think about how you will approach your next run.

Keep hydrated, eat well, sleep well and have another go. With your determination I believe you will succeed. Just take it as steady as you need to. You don't get a medal for speed.

Onwards and upwards. We go again 👍

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Well done for completing the week 5 run 3 practice run! I'm sure you are physically ready for run 3 but sometimes the head is not as ready as the body 😁

And yes, it's absolutely possible to overthink these things .

As you have said , you have already completed the 2x8 minute runs of run 2 .

It's just the same but with another 4 minutes slow jog in the middle 😁

The way you think of these things can make a huge difference !

You know what I used to do as the runs got longer ? I used to tell myself that I don't have as many runs to do today , I just ignored the fact that the ones I had were longer 😁

Definitely read the posts linked to by IannodaTruffe

They will certainly help !

And as already said , don't make it a battle, it really isn't and you are more than capable, Relax !

All of the advice is really helpful! Thank you for your encouragement. W5 practice R3 complete! 😊

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Instructor57Moderator in reply to MySisterMadeMeDoIt

Yes ! 😁👍

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Well done for going out there... Failed ! No! Failure is not trying when you can.... If we all did everything right on the first attempt , what would be the challenge in life? If I ever felt I wanted to stop , I cross checked that demon in my head and said if I stop I have to do it again.. Make a list of what makes a run a good run for you... My list was cold weather, early morning , good sleep and plenty of water and a downhill finish... You have this , the determination you have will see you through. ...Oh and as slow as possible !

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Keep saying you can do this because you can do this

Brilliant work so far ! This happened to me and I realised two things. 1. IannodaTruffe is always right 2. Sloooooowlyyyy 😄 you got this, you really have.

Firstly, I would agree with many others before me in that there's no such thing as a failed run, just one that didn't go as you planned.........a practice run.

You've got this. On Sunday, just go out as usual and slowly, slowly conquer this run 🙌🏃👍🙌 We'll all be there in spirit trotting along with you!!!!

Thank you! I already feel like I have you all with me on every run.

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