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W5 R3....aborted....πŸ˜–

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So, I was quite excited to tackle this 20minute run...however, I chose a difficult route(turned out it's slightly uphill) then, as I was poddeling along, feeling okay I thought, my Bluetooth earphones announced in my earhole that they were low on battery...and promptly turned themselves off! Leaving me both musicless and Lauraless!....I reckoned I was about 12 minutes in...but, having run past the end of a road I'd planned to run down, I didn't feel confident enough to continue without Laura and my eighties tunes.....so, I sort of turned around and walked home....legs began to hurt.....took ages.....got laughed at by some local teen girls as well...don't know what's so funny about a chubby 40 something walking home wearing running gear but there you are.....wish I'd had the courage to finish it....😞

I shall go out early on Saturday morning.....freshly charged fones...and smack the a**e out of it!!

10 Replies

Well done for recognising why it went wrong and for the determination to smash it on Saturday.

Kids, eh? Few things crueller know to man. Be proud of what you are doing for yourself - they aren’t worth the grit on your shoe in this programme.


Put it down to experience and smash it Saturday. There’s no way I could run silent!

I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to run without your coach! Good luck with your next run!


I'm on week 9 and still can't do hills or silent running... Ah well, draw a line under that one and get ready to smash it on Saturday morning!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜


Is it okay to reply to oneself? As a way of thanking everyone for replies and encouragement! Thank you guys! I've come to love this lark( I know, who knew!?)....makes you a bit sad when it doesn't go well doesn't it! I'll keep you posted as to how I do on Saturday 😁

That must be so frustrating but you are doing great:-)


Yes you will smash it next time!!! We all have a bad one now and again, but well done for not being put off x

You go poddeling ? I hope plogging..a plodding jog !♀️You are reminding me why I'm doing this by treadmill ! I do plan to start outdoors..you are very brave...

Recipe for teen avoidance : Very Early morning running... you'll never catch a teen out at that time 🀩

I go..not hope...I've got to get rid of this ****** predictive text😱


Yep, you're right sofabunny, about the early mornings....much prefer em, no teens to be seen....but haven't quite mustered enough to get up at 5am and fit it in before work...😁 and yeah....I poddle along....don't know why, just seems to fit my 'very slow, nearly walking' gait!🀣

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