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Week 6 Run 2....From F to S

Ok....for those of you who didnt know, I <insert F word here>ed W6R2 on Saturday - I got to 17 mins (well 10 and then 7 if you want to be technical) but I had to stop as my legs felt like lead and my heart was jumping out of my throat and looking for somewhere to lie down....I knew something was wrong when I started looking for roads to cross merely on the off chance that I would get a few seconds respite while traffic passed (which, as is typical, it didnt as there wasnt any!). I had a sense of trepidation as I knew that if I <insert F word here>ed again then It could spell the end of Laura....All day at work I knew tonight was going to be the next attempt (I gave myself an extra day after Saturday to recover)....All day I had nagging doubts...

Having finally made my way through the nightmare of a day I got home, sat down and seriously considered not bothering as it was pointless anyhow as I'd just <insert F word here> again....oh and the footie was on soon and we didnt want to miss that did we....I could really do with a coffee.....the dog needed a walk....there was always tomorrow to do it....oh but I promised to go to the gym tomorrow....ok so I could run on Thursday...oh hang on - that would be almost a week since "F DAY"...."WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME....MAN UP AND GET OUT" I told myself, so I dragged my sorry a*** upstairs, got the gear on, fired Laura up and decided to try again.

To start with I was looking for excuses on the walk....the floor was uneven....I've got new Trainers, they are bound to have made it trickier...It was a new route and I wasn't thinking about my breathing.....and then it happened....Laura's soft and dulcet tones whispered in my ears "you can do it, off you go"....and so I did.

And now....2 x 10 min runs later I can happily say that the <insert F word here> metaphorical chip on my shoulder has been banished and the S word can now be used with regards to W6R2....Now I just have to make it through W6R3....but at least I know now that if the monster re-appears I can get over it....

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Lovely blog, I enjoyed your blow-by-blow account of the mental processes. WELL DONE on banishing the F word from your vocabulary! :-)


Go you! Good riddance to the gremlins! :)

Good old Laura!


Oh well done! You <insert slightly different F-word here>ing nailed it ;-)

Good luck with W6R3 :D


Great blog... Well done!!! It's so hard isn't it, I find myself yelling all kinds of words on the last 5 minutes of the run at all the < insert word of choice> in life and it gives me that last bit of adrenalin through the anger to finish. Not sure that's hugely healthy but I feel great after! Well done again, Julia


You have done well, go for the next runs with a positive mind!! Goodluck!


Well done, I too had issues with w6/r2 and repeated, it's true that this process is as much mental attitude as it is physical ability. Well done you for not giving up


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