Week 6, run 1completed!

Hi All,

Well it's been pouring with rain all day today, but I still went out and did the first run of week 6. I had Laura and the music playing and it was so much better. All of you who said I should run with the App were so right! The headache started again after 4 minutes of running, but eased when I started the walking. I was so pleased to complete the session in spite of the rain and wet leaves. Rest day tomorrow, then run 2 on Saturday, I hope the weather improves.

Thanks for your support, keep dry.

6 Replies

  • Well done! Rain AND W6R1- all together! I found that the podcasts worked for me, the app didn't and wouldn't play any music either. Keep it up :)

  • Thank you I'll certainly try.

  • Well done! You'll really start to find your running mojo (and enjoy the post-running buzz) from week 6 onwards. Go go go!

  • Thanks Rachel, I'm looking forward to that mojo!

  • Well done! Have you noticed how it's getting slightly easier? Be even better as you go on through gradation😉

  • Hi Dave, yes I'm definitely finding it easier, especially the breathing. Really windy here today so I'm going out tomorrow. Have a great day.

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