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why does no one else have jumpers tied around their waists?


I layer up to keep warm during the warm up walk and ditch layers as I go - sometimes ending up with two sweaters tied aorund my waist (which looks ridonkulous).

why do other runners not seem to have any extra layers??? NONE of them. Do they just run straight out of their homes disregarding the warm up or do they all have special warm but thin clothing??

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I've never worn a jumper even in the dead of winter. I wear a long sleeved running top with a short sleeved one on top and then just my running jacket, cap and gloves. Warmer days the gloves come off first, into jacket pocket. Then the jacket gets tied around the middle. When its been really cold -3C or colder I wear a base layer and the long or short sleeve on top of it.

Oh forgot I wear a Buff around my neck when its really cold and frosty too.


I wear a short sleeved running top with my long sleeved running jacket (thin) over the top, and running gloves. When I step out of my front door I am "brrrrr!!" but by the end of my 5 mins walk I am getting used to it and then I am perfectly warm once I get running. Towards the end of the run I have to take my gloves off and stick them in my jacket pocket and maybe unzip my jacket a bit.

I have a work colleague who runs in vest and shorts - whatever the weather!


You need to start off feeling chilly not warm, that way you wont overheat! :)


I'm with jonut - only two layers: either two running tops (short sleeved and long sleeved) or running shirt and thin running jacket. This was fine even down to -5°C. I hate running with anything tied around my waist, as I get so hot and sweaty in the waist/hips. I start by doing a warm up in the house (lunges, then a sort of aerobic routine to get the heart pumping and the blood moving. I'm usually a little chilly when I go out, but by the time I've done a 5 minute warm up jog, I'm warm. Then I start my run proper.

When I was doing C25K, I did my warm up walk heading away from my house in the wrong direction to my running route. I walked for a few minutes, then turned around and headed back to the house, chucked my sweatshirt over the garden fence and started the run! :-)

this is a cunning plan indeed!


I try and avoid taking off my running jacket as I use that to hide tubby bod. However, when the temperature did rise, I threw caution to the wind and tied it round my middle and just didn't catch anybodies eye as I ran in just t shirt etc


You've not seen me then!

I wear a t-shirt and a zip up jacket generally take my jacket off after about 10 minutes.

Agree its good to hide wobbly mid section


Goodness - you people are so BRAVE! It's now 5/6 degrees up here and I'm still donning my sweatshirt and snood and hat and gloves ...


I wear a support vest, long sleeved top with a tshirt over the top. I'm usually cold to start with but soon warm up. I wear gloves to start with but usually end up taking them off. I have taken to wearing a headwarmer or headband to keep my ears warm though, makes such a difference if your ears are warm. Helps hold the earphones in too!


Glad that none of you saw me in cold days! I wore a Thermal thin long sleeved top and then a short sleeved Top on top of the Thermal AND then a track top! If it is very cold, leggings under the Track bottoms! + Woolly Hat + Gloves+ and some colder days a Scarf which I put under the Track top!! And I mostly ran but still I was cold! I must have looked a sight! Saying that, I did not want to fall ill, or catch a cold, which means I would not be able to do my Run, so being warm is better than being in the cold for me. I think it is each person’s choice.

thanks for a the answers! maybe i'll invest in a running top for my graduation present xx

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