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Does any one else talk to themselves like a teenager when running?

Ok so rightly or wrongly for me W5 R3 was my graduation. Due to everything else I have on (including other exercise) I knew I could only dedicate 30 mins 2-3 times a week. So when I completed W5 R3 I was happy to be there and for the last few months I've been doing this run (some times when I have the time I do run for up to 25 mins but always have a 4 min warm up walk and 4 min cool down walk).

I wondered if anyone else doubts themselves every time they go for a run? I've noticed I say to myself just do 10 mins running, after that you can walk for a couple of mins if you want but then you know you still have another 10 mins that you must do (I know unless I'm having a bad day that I will never do this as I know that if I slow to a walk I find the second run harder). Once I'm past the 10 min mark I'm like well just keep going, not long now!!

And now I get to the 20 min run mark and think oh this is a good song, just keep going for another minute or you know what you have time today why not do another 5, after all you have done your 20 mins so you can now slow any time you want.

I do this every run, does anyone else and will I ever stop doing this?

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We all have our rituals :D Whatever gets to the end

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I still have a similar dialogue in my head, along the lines of "This is so difficult, there's no way I can run 5k today - think how far it is", "well we'll just see how far we get. Just the first 1k and then we can decide whether we stop". Then later "look, we've already done 3k, we're over half way there. Let's just keep going and see how far we get. We can stop any time, there's no shame now we've done 3k." This dialogue will be repeated numerous times, culminating in a final whinge at 4.6 k where I finally tell my other self that it's only another 400 metres and it would be a real shame not to get to 5k. So I win (mostly!).


haha, love glad it's not just me. I was thinking if I change it to distance rather than time would it help but maybe not ;-)


That does sound quite a bit like my "You don't have ot do this unless you want to" mantra... and yes, "I'll just do..." and then doing a bit more (but not pushing it)

If you are short of time you might like to look into Audiofuel's Pyramid 180 interval session - short, sharp (but not crazy sharp) and very effective.

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oohhh, I haven't heard of Audiofuel's Pyramid 180 interval session, I'll have a look :-)


I think it's 15 minutes, can't remember if that includes warm up and down.


I have even found myself talking to Laura

I have to talk to myself to remind me how to go up and down kerbs

Kerbs and looking behind me to check for traffic still very difficult

Can't run and talk (too busy trying to breath) I try and wave at people Keep going even if you are arguing with the gremlins


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