What are you wearing these days?

I'm experimenting with various layers since the weather turned cold but haven't got it quite right yet.

This morning I ended up with 3 layers - running vest, thin thermal long sleeved and then a running jacket on top of that. I was freezing when I went out but was ok after a 10 minute warm up and actually felt ok at the end. However, I'm expecting the temperature to drop even more in the days to come so then what? So far I've got away with long running tights or leggings and my legs have been ok but is it worth investing in thermal leggings?

With Christmas coming, I'm looking at merino wool base layer tops but I've read that these can be itchy!

Another requirement is a nice colour - not torquoise ( running jacket), black (boring) but different. I'm looking at a nice green one on Wiggle but thought I'd ask your input first!




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55 Replies

  • I went out this morning in my usual wicking t-shirt (fiver from ebay) and Nike 2-in-1 shorts.

    Contemplated breaking out the running tights but decided not to inflict that on the world just yet.

    Like you say the warm up was a bit chilly but ok after that.

    If it turns colder then I have the running tights and a long sleeve version of my t-shirt (also a fiver from ebay) and some running gloves in readiness.

    For some time I've had my eye out for a jacket. Had trouble finding ones that would fit (not the littlest of chaps) then when I have found some I've ummed and arred about whether they would end up making me too hot and turn me into even more of a sweaty mess.

    I did see a nice New Balance one last time I was in Sweatshop, problem was they didn't do it big enough and it was £120! Was a nice soft material though, not like the "anorak" type stuff I've seen others made from.

  • I've just sent you a reply on your post Peter. Can't believe you went out in so few clothes!

    £120 for a jacket! Maybe Santa Claus could bring you one.

  • Twin boys mean that would be unlikely lol and they don't seem to do it in a size suitable anyway.

    I think that was a sale price too - but can't be sure as I didn't spend too long looking once I saw the price.

    Think I'll just muddle on with what I've got. I don't tend to feel the cold, even less so once I'm running.

    One thing I have been wondering about is, if we get snow (and assuming it's not so icy as to be dangerous) whether my running shoes would be ok or whether I'd need to invest in some alternatives

  • I've been pretty good on the ice so far this year with just my trainers. No slips yet. I do have some cheap slip on spikes that I'll probably break out a few times after a sleet storm.

  • Hadn't thought of something like that. By any chance to you have a link to them (or something like them)?

    I guess most treacherous would be icy pavements. If that was to be the case then running might get skipped that day. Probably be ok on a layer of snow though, especially with some type of spike attachment.

  • Peter I don't know if you've ever seen Yaktrax...


    I have some for my walking boots...the winter before last we had the most awful compacted icy snow and I have to go out...my day job is a dog walker. And I used these. They are amazing and I'll use them to run on ice if it gets bad :)

  • I have Yaktrax as well, and I really like them for the solid icy or snowy days - they are awesome. But I don't like them for when the pavement is icy in some areas, dry in others. For those days I like the spike ones - same concept, just little spikes.

  • Yes I absolutely agree with you. They can be quite dodgy on pavements with just a little bit of slippy stuff but amazing on hard compacted stuff I found :)

  • Wouldnt running on hard icy pavements with spike attachments be dangerous/lead to soke foot injury?

  • The set I have are really low profile - just a couple of millimeters. I haven't tried them yet on ice, but will post if I try them for running.

  • Thanks for this thread...

    I was racking my brain trying to think of "Yaktrax". I'm putting them on my Christmas list. :)

  • Tricky, isn't it? I've got legging/tights thingies by Kyodan which are snug and comfy- I've only ever found them from TK Maxx. I have a couple of deadly dull 'performance' t-shirts with good wicking fabric and last winter I bought a running top from Amazon : amazon.co.uk/More-Mile-Vanc... The inside of the fabric is sort of brushed and therefore snug. I'm not sure about when it gets colder yet. I think that last year I just added gloves and found a fleecy beanie which made all the difference.

  • Oh that looks nice flossie. I love TKMaxx so will maybe give them a look. Thanks.

  • Glad you like it ; there are nice colours and it's very comfy. I'm a size 8 but wear a size 10 which fits very well!!! Have fun at TK Maxx!

  • Oops Flossie - just followed your link and accidentally spent a small fortune. My gear is just about keeping me warm enough but winter hasn't properly started yet. Didn't have much problem last year, but it was mild and nothing I had them fits any more!

  • Oh well, Polly, it sounds like you deserved to treat yourself!! I hope you like what you've bought. I really like my top and am trying to tell myself that I really don't need another. Have been looking at trainers too!! (Resist....resist....resist....!)

  • Oh dear, I hear them calling too! My favourites are close to retirement. I have found out Nike have released the next version so they have dropped the price of mine. I snapped up a bargain that I know I'll love when I run in them - he he!

  • Go for it, Polly! Think of the money that you've saved! marvelous!!

  • Just more buffs really - one round my neck, one twisted into a hat and one twisted round each hand to make gloves. This has done me fine at minus 10. I might put a short sleeved t shirt over my normal long sleeved one, and I wear long cotton leggings in all but the hottest weather.

  • Hard core........

  • Isn't that what you stay in and watch when you've decided it's too cold to be out running? ;)

    *sorry couldn't resist - I'll get my coat*

  • . :) :) :) ROFLMAO

  • I bought a cheap unisex windproof running shell. Under that I've been wearing a long sleeve top. For bottoms I've been wearing sweatpants and thermal long johns underneath if I feel like it. It gets pretty hot once you get going - though when I get inside I notice my back end feels cold. Don't seem to notice it when I'm running - maybe it's just poor circulation in the fatty bits?? Coldest I've been out so far is -7.

  • Can't imagine it'll get to -7 here but maybe a windproof jacket will do the trick when temperatures plummet. Thanks for your reply.

  • I wear a vest and a Dri Fit half zip top which has little thumb loops....like wearing fingerless gloves. And Nike Filament long tights and it was very cold this afternoon and I was fine. I've been looking at the nike wool running tops in the Next Directory....mainly because she delivers next day and I can easily return. But wool isn't my favourite thing against my skin so I'm not sure...not got a jacket....fancy a gilet of some kind but then there is no way of tying round my waist!! Might buy a beanie hat....amazing how warm I get in a hat when I'm dog walking. Will watch with interest :)

  • I don't like wool next to my skin either and it makes me itchy! I do wear a headband that covers my ears and that was enough last winter but this year it might get colder! Thanks for replying.

  • I was wondering the same thing at 6am this morning! I was in a long sleeved walking top, sweatpants and a tracksuit type top I've had for years. My bum and ears got very cold so santa is going to be asked for a fleece headband and I may break out the thermal long johns I bought for skiing, either to wear as leggings (no one around to see at the stupid o'clock I run) or underneath my usual jogging bottoms. I think it is all going to be an experiment!

  • Oh let me know how you get on with the thermal leggings as I might get some if it gets freezing cold. Thank you for the reply.

  • I am just wearing long running tights( love them ) and a long sleeved running top and gloves ,which i should have worn this evening . Seems to have been fine :D have a running jacket if needed and a beanie hat :D and a couple of buffs from my motorbike days

  • Thanks Rob. Tights are a given at this time of year aren't they? No picture yet!

  • Tights had an outing yesterday (karrimor - sale price in sports direct) and a heavier mifit top and lightweight running jacket. A nice cool day (around 5○c) and that was fine. Any colder I'll put on some gloves :)

  • I'd like to get down from 3 layers to 2 so might get a more thermal base layer. And yes gloves a definite! Thanks for your response.

  • Shorts pn bottom half. Top half is long sleeved Decathlon skiing base layer, long sleeved fleecy top thingy from Decathlon running section, and top layer is king of running hoody thingy from Decathlon running section. On head is Thinsulate hat topped off with head torch :)

    On feet Decathlon running socks and Brooks Ghost7 shoes.

    I think the third layer on the body is maybe overkill, as I am quite warm after 40mins running, and the woolly hat is wet with sweat. But I'm guessing that the weather will be getting colder soon.

    Toying with buying some running tights, but bare legs seem fine at the moment.

  • *kind of ( not king of ) :)

  • Yes my 3 layers were quite light but I don't like feeling restricted when I run so will definitely need to experiment when the temperature drops as I don't want thick heavy clothes! Thanks Zev.

  • Broke out my more mile thermal tights tonight since the temperature seems to have plummeted! Stuck with a regular long sleeve high wicking top but I don't think it'll be long before I break the thermal version out. Both kept me warm but not too warm last year but it didn't get freezing so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it this year, as someone already mentioned they are nice and brushed on the inside so very comfortable. Happy shopping!

  • So you just had one layer on top? Maybe I need to run faster to keep warmer......

    Thanks Lovefood.

  • Does a running bra count? If so I was wearing 1 1/2 ;) I get really cold when sitting around (duvet on sofa that I snuggle under every night is testimony to this!) but as soon as in get moving I get quite warm for me! Perhaps I'm a little abnormal, but not as crazy as those runners you see in the middle of winter still in shorts and a tshirt!

  • Running bra essential! I don't get cold now that I'm a "ahem" certain age! but you're right. As soon as you start moving you warm up pretty quickly.

  • I was out running this evening in nike filament long pants, technical More Mile tee, light karrimor running jacket, which i had to take off as I got too hot. Buff round my head, folded just wide enough to cover my ears

  • As long as my ears are covered my head feels ok. I hate cold ears! Thanks misswobble.

  • I'm now in running tights, vest, top and a gore. That's about right for me but I am also looking for a coat ( the gore is my husbands cycling coat!!. I like this one from Howies. m.howies.co.uk/mens/clothin...

    It's men's but nice!!

    Lidl also have loads of merino, my husband got loads for cycling and some for my daughter for horse riding. It's really warm and not itchy!!

    Good luck on your hunt!!

  • Thanks for this JJ and for the feedback on merino. I might just get the lovely green one I've seen! Oh dear.

  • I'm now in running tights, vest, top and a gore. That's about right for me but I am also looking for a coat ( the gore is my husbands cycling coat!!. I like this one from Howies. m.howies.co.uk/mens/clothin...

    It's men's but nice!!

    Lidl also have loads of merino, my husband got loads for cycling and some for my daughter for horse riding. It's really warm and not itchy!!

    Good luck on your hunt!!

  • I actually ended up running in a pair of thermal horse riding breeches the past week! Essentially pull-on tights made of wind-pro fleece (fleece on the inside, shiny surface on the outside). Probably similar to thermal running tights apart from the leather knee patches...

    The material was great - warm, breathable and fairly resistant to rain, but more importantly: still warm even when wet and quick drying.

    On top, I tend to wear a normal t-shirt with a running hoodie of similar material (fleecy on the inside, smooth outside). I've added a buff to go over the ears this week. I am contemplating gloves of some sort, but I normally end up wanting my hands bare once I'm warmed up, so not sure if it's worth the trouble.

  • That's interesting mags555. Some good tips. Thank you.

  • I've been taking cheap $1 gloves out on my runs. They're great for the first little bit when you're hands are child but small enough to throw in your pocket once you start sweating. And at a couple bucks a pop, if they fall out of my pocket while running I'm not out a lot of cash.

  • So it was just me in shorts and t-shirt then? ;)

  • Yep....

  • Well I am afraid I am no good, at the moment I wearing a vest (Monday was notably cool so a t-shirt) the shorts. The problem I have is that even this feels too much! I have thought about shorter shorts but they don't stock the length I want at nike, even though they have them online, considering a skort but not sure if I like these. But the ones in nike have the pockets I need.

  • Don't rub it in Vixchile! It's cold here!

  • I got my first pair of running tights--Under Armour cold gear--a few weeks ago for a very cold and windy 5k. The compression made my legs feel wonderful and kept me warm. I ended up buying a few more pair at our Under Armour outlet. I also found a pair of fluorescent silver/pink for running in the dark.

    I wear merino wool socks (just bought a few pairs on sale at my local shop last night), long sleeve thermal top and a sweat jacket, gloves, buff, and a merino beanie.

  • Not heard of them but had a quick look and the stuff looks good and different. Many thanks for this ginbin. Might have a little browse!

  • Hi IP,

    I recently bought a Merino base layer from wiggle and it is the best. It is isn't itchy, it doesn't smell and it keeps me warm with just a light jacket (it was 2C on Monday in London).



  • Great. Thanks for the feedback hoppy! Will go with merino.

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