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Not yet making the transition to cold weather running


Came home last night earlier to go for a run before dinner as it was a nice evening. However didn't really factor in how cold it was and set out in capris and t-shirt. Going on to the path into the woods I really fell over a dog and then realised the owner was someone I had known when our kids were at nursery. After 10 minutes catching up on with her i was really feeling cold. Instead of a warm up walk I started running but it didn't really feel right. Managed to do one and a half circuits of the park but walked most of the way home.

I think i need to start wearing more layers and a long sleeved top and probably full length track pants.

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Hmmm......I'm still in a tshirt and capris, but admittedly it does get a bit nippy when you are just starting off, 10 minutes in and I'm fine!


I'm a bit of a cold tattie anyway, wilma, so I've been wearing long trousers and two tops, one short sleeved and one long since I started this programme 10 weeks ago! And I haven't been over-heated yet, except once when the sun was shining! So I admire all you capri, shorts and tee shirt-wearing runners out there! My problem might be how to move in the extra layers I'm going to have to wear soon! Michelin woman or what!


I'm still wearing vest/t-shirt but start off with my jacket & tie it around my waist when I heat up. I really generate heat when I run so this cooler weather is great for me.


You were probably feeling cold because you stopped for 10 minutes. I bet if you'd carried on you wouldn't have felt half so bad. Not that you should have ignored your friend. Chatting is good too!


I do a 10 min warm up to a Davina DVD before I go out so I dont get cold when walking as I get quite hot and sweaty even in the cold so dont want to have to worry about taking off layers during the run. I wore a long sleeve top last night with capris but still had to push the sleeves up. I have a really nice gilet I'm itching to wear but think I will need it to be below zero before I can do this...!


I'm still in capris too, but wore long sleeves for the first time yesterday when it was 2°C. I had to push my sleeves up once I got going, but my hands stayed cold the whole time (poor circulation in my extremities).

runsusyrunGraduate in reply to swanscot

I also suffer with cold hands although the rest of my body overheats after the first km. I run with a short sleeved t-shirt but some light running gloves now and it seems to be the perfect combo atm.

swanscotGraduate in reply to runsusyrun

I had my thin running gloves from Lidl and my hands were still cold. I'll need to use my Mountain Hardwear (liner) hiking gloves when it's almost zero.


I started off with a very lightweight jacket over my running t-shirt last night but soon took the jacket off as I got very warm (speed/hill training session). Although I was comfortable in short sleeves, I could have done with wearing gloves to keep the extremities warm.

What to wear isn't always easy. I too heat up as I go along. Yesterday I wore my wind resistant jacket, and carried my hat and gloves in my pocket just in case. As it was I contented myself with pulling up my zip, but unzipping when I was too hot. At the end of the run I was tempted to take off the jacket, but knew that I was just doing my cool down, and was concerned about cooling down too quickly, so I resisted temptation. By the time I got home I was plenty cool enough.

Its tricky to know what to wear at the moment. It seems like only yesterday (!) that it was really sunny and my husband was nagging me to take a water bottle and try to stay in the shade. Now I'm struggling to run before it gets dark!

It's difficult when your warm up is interrupted. Not only were you not warm, you were even colder - poor you! Well done for still doing one and half circuits!


not surprised you went off the boil after such a long interuption, but it's good to catch up with friends. At least you had a bit of a run :-)

I have bought some winter running gear, long sleeved tops and a a jacket, but I don't think I'll be using them any time soon - I overheat like crazy. I'll probably just go with the leggings OR the long sleeve top when it gets colder. It is chilly starting out, but really only for the first 2 minutes of the warm up walk for me. I guess we are all very different, it's a matter of experimenting

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