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Hi to al l you 50x50 challengers out there, laid up with a cold at the moment so stayed in bed this morning and caught up with all your blogs. I just wanted to say how I admire you all, and well done to all my old blogging mates ie Delia, Gayle, doggymum, Hazel, Smhall, Phil72 and many more. I shall follow you all with great interest on Malcy's stats page. I am still plodding around out there finding it hard with the terrible weather, I tried the treadmill but didn't like it. Surely it's got to warm soon . I did week 8 again last Sunday round the park. Pat :-)

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Sorry to hear you are unwell Pat and hope you get over your cold very soon. Glad you are still out running but yes we need some warm weather thats for sure! Thanks for your support on our challenge; lots of cheerleaders with their pom poms very welcome!

How is Jackie? She was my virtual running buddy as we started at the same time so please do pass on my best wishes to her :)

Take care.



Hi SBG356

Jackie has been a bit hit & miss with the weather, work and home commitments but has registered for the 5k Coventry fun run at the end of may and 10k race for life at the end of June so will be out with a vengence soon. :-)


Thats lovely to hear that she is still managing to fit runs in! Wish her good luck from me for her 10k race! Sue :)


Ahhhh...get well soon Pat!!! Thank you so much for cheering us on! :-) I totally understand the not wanting to get on the treadmill! We had shorts weather for a few days but now it has turned into a snow/sleet mix with wind. Trying to decide what to do tonight...go to the gym/treadmill...YUCKERS! Or try to brave the outdoors. Spring has to be just around the corner!!! :-) Take care of yourself Pat and thank you for checking in! :-) Gayle


Hello Dear Pat! Great to see you and thank you so much for your support. I sometimes wonder why I'm doing this to be honest, but here I am with the rest of the team running/walking and exercising like crazy. And TJ Flute is on day 51 :-)

Do take care of your cold -- UK is still freezing I see. Spring has finally sprung here in Italy despite the April downpours (as opposed to the showers of my youth). Anyway get well soon and ... keep on running! Love Delia xox


Thank you for your support Pat !

I hope you'll be feeling better soon and that there'll be some nice weather to enjoy running in :-)

Take care xx


Hello Pat, so lovely to hear from you but sorry you're not feeling too well with a cold at the moment. I have just read a weather forecast which says it is going to pick up considerably by the end of the weekend, so that's something for us all to look forward to.

Theresa x


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