Am I too old to do this

Hi I am new to this forum, but am on W3R3 (tomorrow) having decided to try and increase my exercise to lose weight and getter fitter, and stop everything aching, I have never run before so at almost 53 am I mad, and is it going to work as on w3 and have gained a pound, oh and I am eating sensibly (don't believe in the word diet!). Would value any tips or motivation to keep going.

Thanks - and well done to all you have achieved your goals


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29 Replies

  • No! You are definitely not too old. You are exactly the right age for this. Anybody can do it. Help me out her Oldfloss 😊

    I'm 44 myself, 2 stone overweight, and haven't lost a pound since I started in March, but I am feeling so much better and that is the main goal, isn't it?

    To me staying motivated has to do with keeping is pleasurable. The moment I start going too fast, I'm hating it. So my best advice would be to go slow and enjoy. Listen to your body.

  • Just did, my friend... too old goodness. I am an old crock then :)

    You are giving great advice... the feeling better, is the thing, that and the sheer pleasure of the whole experience. :)

    Still enjoying your holiday I hope, and feeling a tad more ready to run too? :)

  • Walked up and down mountains yesterday and today, and only felt a tiny bit sore. Tomorrow early morning I might do a short test run... I think warming up properly is going to be essential and then of course Slow and Steady :-)

  • It sounds wonderful. Go carefully☺

  • No!!!!

    There are C25k runners who started in their seventies. I was 57 when l started three years ago and l now face my seventh decade fitter than l have ever been. Stick with it and you will feel 33 in just a few weeks time.

    Go for it!!

  • I turn 70 in November - started C25k when I was 67. It's been pretty good for me - never could run before and can't run much now really !! BUT - It has had an unfortunate unintended consequence doing this - NOW - when I go to a gym, I have to tell the treadmill that I am only 57 years old, otherwise it has a heart attack at some stage of my run!! :)

  • Go you.. I think that is amazing! :)

  • HaHa! No your certainly not! I did it last year at 60, my wife's doing it now at 61!

    Many older than us on here(but don't seem it) proof is in the eating, so to speak,exercise keeps you young! So go ahead and do it! 😊

  • I see lots of "older" runners and they all fly past me while I lollop along. :)

  • I found drinking plenty of water, and keeping well hydrated helps shift the weight, I did before I took up running, also kept a very close eye on saturated fats & sugars, still watch my intake.

    But, running constantly has greatly helped with weight loss & fitness for me. I didn't lose much if any while doing c25k though, and it's not until you go on after and run constantly for 30 mins 3 times a week that you will see good results in weight loss, the key is good excercise..😊

  • My mum's got a decade on you and she's snapping at my heels on week 7! Go for it, and don't let the gremlins talk you out of it :D

  • As long as you are alive, you're not too old to run.

    Actually, according to what you see on the telly, you might be able to run even if you're not alive... but let's focus on the first scenario. ;P

    Just follow the programme, respect your rest days and your body signals, and live the mantra "slow and steady". You'll be fine... no, you'll be better than just "fine"; you'll be great!

  • I was nearly 57 when I started. Deffo not too old! I was way overweight as well but now I'm not!! If you run regularly you'll be amazed how the weight shifts. You have to eat healthily of course.

    Good luck. Slow but sure will deliver you to week 9 in one piece. Start today!

  • Same age as you (just turned 53 last week) and I never ran even at school. And now I can! Definitely not too old. Keep going!

  • Nah, you are not mad, just a bit loopy like all of us here I would say. I am 69 and not the oldest on this forum so you are just a babe. Take advantage of life. Enjoy.

  • I used the phrase 'babe' too, but having read some of these posts... I do feel a tad old now... is it like the 'why do policeman seem younger' syndrome?

    Still I figure, if I am old, and doing the crazy things I am.. then that is just fine.. and you, well you are amazing..I follow your adventures with open mouthed awe :)

  • what did I say about you keep saying your old!? tsk tsk😁

  • Sorry sir...will try harder☺

  • I started at 62 and really wish I'd done it when I was as young as you are!

  • 53... is that all??? You are a babe! :)

    I put weight on too...but that was okay for me, I needed to. This is not a weight loss programme, but will help you to feel fitter and stronger and healthier.. I am leaner.. ( and only joking) , more toned and tauter... gosh, I sound like a horse! . It will benefit you terrifically.

    Believe in the programme.. that is simply it! Follow it, but slowly and steadily.. if you are this far, then you can get further, if you want to. Do you want to?

    The support on here is amazing, and you will get encouragement and advice, sound advice too, and the odd shove :) Go on... go for it!

    "No one says it is going to be easy, but they do say, it is going to be worth it."


    I am not supposed to say my age my lovely friend davelinks says.. but I started this at 65 ...shhhhh!

  • Thank you all for your positive comments and words of encouragement and well done to all of you for your achievements so far😃.

    I really want to do this, and whilst I need to lose weight about 2 stone, I also want to tone up what I've been carrying for years.

    Surprisingly I am enjoying it, it may take me a bit longer but I am determined to get there. Just some Gremlins as hannah141 calls them have made me doubt myself!

    Well tomorrow is w3r3, and I am looking forward to it the sense of achievement after each run for me is so uplifting.

    Thanks again and any tips to help me would be welcomed 😊

  • Good luck with your running. Only 52 but feel fitter now and more toned than ever before. Just take things slowly. One step at a time. Repeat days or weeks as needed. This is not a race but more a state of mind. You will win through and believe me you'll feel great. X x Andy

  • Nope certainly not to old, I graduated at 57 ☺

    I cant really say to much about the wieght loss, like you started to eat more sensibly and have lost wieght but it wasnt the prime driver ☺

  • I graduate tomorrow morning and I am 53

    go for it :-)

  • The badge is ready and waiting for you. Enjoy your moment tomorrow, Nick

  • Okay, Nick. I hope tomorrow's run goes well

    " Every morning we are born again..what we do today matters most."

    You do it. :)

  • Have a great run and enjoy every second of it, good luck

  • Well done and thank you Nick_buddha_12 & slow_rob , I will keep going !

  • Welcome aboard Radley , you've come to the right place ! :-)

    Oh theres loads of us over fifties on here , running around like spring lambs, kicking our legs up , having the time of our lives ! :-)

    Keep at it, its sooo worth it and its fun ! :-D xxx

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