W3 R1 YAY! Beginning to enjoy this!

I HAD to do it today because I promised Purbrookian I would yesterday! Woke up at 8.00. Decided I could get out, no problem. Next thing my husband is telling me it was 11.00. EEk. But I had been having a wonderful dream that I was competing with many other runners and feeling a sense of enjoyment. Good omen for the longer runs today? So I set off full of enthusiasm and confident that I could do it (Purbrookian told me it wasn't all that bad, and he was right)

I managed to complete all three runs and did the long walk home concentrating on my posture (string holding my head up) and a big grin! Last time I went out the long walk home was more of a VERY slow drag but today I managed to keep up a respectable pace all the way up the hill! So something must have shifted.

I am still setting off slow and steady but managing to complete all the runs. To all the newbies out there - YOU CAN DO IT TOO, it's all in the mind!

I am so pleased with myself right now - I know I can do this and all the bloggers out there were not fibbing about the feel good part!

Thanks for the encouragement Purbrookian!

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  • What a great post - well done, great boost for the day :-)

  • Just been to see my elderly Mother (96 yo) and now feeling very sleepy. Will not lay down though, just wait for my energy to kick in!

  • Lovely, lovely post. :) I can just see you striding along with that string coming out of your head, wearing beekeeping clothes! :D Great image! That sounds like a really lovely dream too - glad it's beginning to come true. :)

  • Thank you greenlegs. Wish I had been wearing my bee suit - all those pesky hard black flies on the riverbank getting in my face!

    Where do you find those smilie faces?

  • Way to rock out week 3! You are totally doing this!

  • Never would have thought it possible. Beginning to feel a glimmer of enjoyment at having been able to keep running today! Looking forward to continuing! At last!

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