This 50 yr old can't :(

I don't believe it. After talking myself out of starting the c25k and then actually doing 2 runs of week 1, I have now strained by back and can barely walk let alone run!!! Supposed to be doing W1R3 tomorrow but can't see it happening. I'm worried now that I'll lose my motivation to start again when I'm out of pain. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something?


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  • I'm not much help as run 1 for me is tomorrow but the support on this site is fantastic!! Don't give up!

  • Good luck for tomorrow! I found W1R1 hard but exhilarated when I'd finished. I think running is a bit like childbirth for me, painful at the time but not too bad when you look back. Let us know how you get on.

  • Will do thank you 😊

  • Similar thing happened to me during my 4th run, when my knee went handball size. I was out for three months (entirely my fault by choosing no insole inferior shoes, running on rest day and pushing harder than advised). On my return l completed the whole program (still didn't change the shoes) but on my last, graduate run, my ankle ended up tennis ball size. What can l say..another 3.5 months off. I was soo peeved that l refused to accept that l actually completed the program, went and prepared myself properly (yes, gait analysis and proper shoes). Motivation was the driving force, never dropped that! In the end l graduated 'properly' and have been injury free since. You will be fine, injuries may come but will definitely go and you will learn how to listen and understand your body better.

    Keep us posted & all the best!

  • Thank you. Just so frustrating as you can imagine. I strained my back sitting at a desk typing!!!! not doing anything physical. Hey ho. At least when I start again I know I can complete the first two days -ha ha.

  • Hey, it happens to everyone :) I'm 53 and doing strengthening exercises on my rest days. Every little helps ;)

  • Get yourself a work-station assessment!

  • Oh dear, I am sorry to hear this. Have you done something to injure yourself, or is this an old niggle? Obviously folk here are not able to give medical advice, try resting and if you are no better after a few days, consult your Dr or a Physio. Don't give up, maybe you just need some maintenance.... :)

  • Oh the irony (and shame)... me and my husband ARE physios!

  • Ah, I have a few aches and pains that I would like to discuss with you....... :)

  • Typically I'm good at giving out advice, but a case of "do as I say, not as I do"

  • I work in a special school and have two sons with special needs. Every mistake I make at home with my kids, I hear my own words coming back at me! It's awful.

    I did the 20 min run W5R3 last Saturday, even though I knew my knees were getting progressively unhappier. I was so pleased with my achievement, but not pleased about the pain and hobbling I did for next few days. I tried to run on Wednesday evening, but I couldn't even sustain a few minutes. I've been doing knee strengthening exercises, and will try again tomorrow, but I may go back to W4 and build up again. I feel your frustration!

  • Hahha priceless...just test and start again when you feel ready...if this 50 yr old can do it you can!!!

  • There are lots of reasons that you could use to quit the program at any time BUT you started the program so one of the many reasons to do it.

    I'm sorry you've hurt your back but once your feeling back to your old self give it another go, pick it back up, you may think it's not meant to be but I can guarantee you one thing, if you pick it back up you WILL amaze yourself and then think why didn't I do this earlier.

  • Yes, you are right. It's a matter of pride now that I have to start again once I'm better otherwise I've failed and given up. And, I really want to be amazed.

  • As someone who has suffered back problems over many years I sympathise and also recommend you do not attempt to run until well and truly cleared up.

    Did you strain your back running? Doctors are generally pretty useless regarding back problems ( I am sure there are exceptions) so you might be better off trying to see a physio as soon as possible. If you wait it becomes more difficult for them to sort it out for you.

    If you want to find excuses not to do C25k then there are loads, but honestly being 50 is certainly not one, nor is having a dodgy back. Your general musculature will tone up and become stronger, especially if you do extra core strength work, which will support your back better in future. I put off running for years because of dodgy knees.....they are now stronger than ever.

    Don't give up. Keep posting, even if not running. We will commiserate, console and do our best to keep your spirits up.

    Once you post on this site, you are family and we won't give up on you.

    Get well soon.

  • Thank you for your encouragement and kind words x

  • Right, well at least you won't have to wait for treatment.

  • Hmm that's what you'd expect isn't it?!

  • Come on, just pull rank!!

  • Get your partner to take a look... priority appointment, lucky you πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‰

  • S/he is a physio!!

  • Oh dear, lol

  • Right now I know your job, I am going to give you the hard word..... Physical pain is one thing but motivation is another. You can't give up now! wait until your back is better and then get out there and do it. You will get stronger - physically and mentally- 50 is no age at all and CANNOT BE USED AS AN EXCUSE :)

    Come back and let us know how you are getting on when you feel better

  • Yes mum!

  • 50 is sooo young! No excuse πŸ˜†

  • Guys, we need to agree on 'no physio jokes' today ;)

  • Take IannodaTruffe 's advice... and at 50.. you are a youngster... I started at 65.. now 68... :)

    Do not, ( and you know this) run through pain.. get it sorted... ( Physician heal thyself.., springs to mind :) or your husband maybe able to help you ..:)

    This will heal... and the runs are waiting.. don't give up at this point is a great journey and there is so much to learn and enjoy on the way...:)

    Keep posting what is happening.. follow the forum and let us know what is going on.. you can do this... and we will be right there with you :)

  • Well done for starting this amazing programme, you rest up until your back is better, then away you go, don't lose heart, you can do this.

  • You need to keep running as we need you on the forum to tell us when to see a physio πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    Get professional advice, take the pain that it brings ( you will already be well aware what happens when you see a physio ...., eeeekkkkkk), and come back strong , fit and eager to continue!

  • Yes...those gremlins are trying to stop you doing this...ignore can do this...if you read previous posts from most of us, we have all felt like this...please, please, please do not give just have to take it really slow...very slow as you can......& then even are not the first to say you can't & you won't be the last...don't give up, trust this may have to repeat runs & put them down to practices...don't be downhearted, just persevere and you will get there....I promise you will xxx

  • Hi Ya, I was in a very similar place a few weeks ago. I had to have over 3 weeks off on the injury couch due to a back injury. But after rest, treatment and then starting off walking I'm now back on the program and have just run for 20 mins.

    Don't give up you CAN do this but get better first. Good luck πŸ€

  • I started at 50 (4 years ago). Got the traditional painful and swollen knee around about week 3. Rested a bit and then carried out with the bits that I could do. Got another injury just after graduation (ankle this time). Had to take 3 MONTHS OFF. Went back and started about Week 4. All good. You will get there. Perhaps while your back is sorting itself out you and your hubby could make time for some walks 3 times a week. Then, when you feel you are ready, just start at W1R1 again. No big deal. You can take as long as you damn well please to do it. I did. Good luck x

  • Recently, I've completed first run of week 7. However, I was so many times on injury couch (not run-related) or I was ill and weak so much that I had to have a break, that I stopped counting. I am 2nd or 3rd time of this point of the programme, never been further than this. The first time I started I got to week 5 and then had a long break. I was starting 3 times.

    But you know what? It doesn't matter. I am going out there, I am running (or rather very slowly jogging) my best, I am slowly improving, I am getting healthier and stronger every time I am out there. For me the big relief was stop putting pressure on myself and somewhere, somehow I started to love running, although I've never run before and those few times I had to I hated it.

    So, take your time to heal, get your back sorted, and then just go out there ;) Personally reading this forum, writing on this forum helped me to stick with it. Without it I would be sitting on the couch and still believing that running is not for me. I am not the 'forum person', this forum is the only one I really got into. The people over here are just exceptional and it is worth it.

    I believe in you! You can start again as soon as you get better! For now, just stay with us on here. Good luck!

  • First thing, wait till your back gets better, don't add strain, and the go for It again. Don't lose motivation as the more you do it the more your body will strengthen and it will become a virtuous circle. It might be worth considering some back strengthening exercises to go along with it. I have a slightly dicky knee and I am doing exercises for that. Good luck, dont give up, the benefits are life changing!

  • Take your time. Heal properly before setting out again. In the meantime, keep reading the wonderful posts on here. When you start out again - and you will - you will know so much more about running and know so many supportive running buddies who are all waiting to cheer you on once you are better :)

  • Get yourself well and start again, you have done it once so you know you can do it. It's a journey that has its ups and downs but also has so many positive things going for it that now you know you can it will be a waste not to!

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