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Week 3 done?

Just back from week 3 run 3.

I didn't manage the last three minute run and walked the last ten seconds or so :-(

Feeling cross with myself. Think I did the first 90 second run too fast as I was so eager to get out there and then ran out of energy at the end. I finished up too far from home so I did a few short sprints on the way home to make up for my lapse.

So do I go onto week 4 for my next run or repeat the week 3 run again?

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Done and dusted, I'd say. You did those extra sprints, didn't you? :-)


Yes, thank you. Week 4 here I come!


Definitely done - move on! All the best for week 4 :)


Thank you - I'm looking forward to seeing if I can manage a 5 minute run :-)


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