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Sore hip any advice ?


I am in week 6 ( to be honest for the second week running as I've been messing about over Easter and putting off the 25 min run), over Easter we took the children out for their first day ever skiing in Scotland and this consisted of running down the slopes, holding their hands and keeping them up right. There was a lot of leaning over to the right whilst holding them and running. My back / hip felt a little sore afterwards and I also felt a twinge whilst strapping them in the car the next day. I never did a run until last Friday, about 4 days later, which was much much hilly than my normal route. I found the running fine but when I finished the last 5 mins I could barely walk home due to the pain in my hip. This has eases off over the weekend and I went out again this lunch time, much flatter route and again the running was fine but since then I have been struck down with an incredibly sore twiggy right hip. It doesn't hurt if I touch it or when I'm still, it is just when I walk about.

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be and how I can help it ? I am quite overweight 16.5 stone (hence why I want to exercise and lose weight) but I am reasonably fit and do lots of fell walking and not had an issue before. I really want to carry on with the programme and was hoping someone may have some advice.

Thanks Jacqui

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Sounds like you've overdone things with the kids on the snowy slopes. ;-) Try resting an extra day or two before attempting your next run. In the meantime check your posture and do some gentle stretches/exercises to boost your hip muscles.

Several past blogs talk about "icing" (though not sure exactly what that entails). Brrrr.

If it doesn't clear up, see your GP. I saw a physiotherapist/sports doc today for a similar problem... turns out my posture's off centre, so I'm booked in for an X-ray on Thursday and then will probably need special insoles... :-( Hey ho... Might avoid problems in the long term. The thing is, like you, I've done a fair bit of walking in the past, but it's only when we start running (high impact sport) that these things come to light.

Rest and take care of yourself rather than charge full steam ahead with the programme. Better safe than sorry. :-)

Hope your pain turns out to be only a temporary thing.


It sounds very like my symptoms, which came on a few hours after a long run. I'm waiting to see the GP (was recommended a massage therapist but she advised GP first), there are so many different muscles in the hip it could be any number of things.

Con-brio's advice sounds good - rice stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation btw. I haven't used ice because mine feels better for heat but I have no option not to rest as like you it kicks in every time I run. :-(

Hope you sort it soon, it's a real pain. :-(

Thanks both for your advice. Stretches loom good and I'm really aware I have not been doing any after running. Pain easing a little today and agreed with running partner I will have a week off and see how I go :( hopefully will be back to it soon.

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