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Sore right hip - some advice please

Having completed wk9 in September, I'm doing 30minute runs every other day. I'm getting a sore right hip so i have been going out every 2/3 days but its not getting any better. My doctor said it's age (53) and swap to swimming ot cycling. I'm really unhappy as I love running. Has anyone else experience similar?

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Some doctors are anti-running for sure, but without the benefit of your history and examination, it would be difficult for even a medical professional to argue with your Doctors opinion. I’d go and see a sports physio.


Ty. No medical problems in the past,just haven't exercised for the past 35years. I'll try and find a sports therapist. Really dont want to give up

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Change your dr was my first thought! Seriously, is there any chance of seeing another one or a sports physio? Your gp sounds like he has the mind set of the old “running is bad for your joints” and hasn’t caught up. Don’t even get me started on the age thing.

Have you tried icing it? Are you stretching after running and doing strengthening exercises? Bridges are good for hips and a lot of other places too. Obviously don’t do anything to make it worse but I think a second opinion is a good idea, especially if it is, or becomes, more than an ache.


Ty for your advice. Everything seems to be put down to the menopause at my age. I will try icing it. I'm still following the 5minute warm up and down, so probably more stretches


More stretches and core exercises (various kinds of planks are good). I started running after menopause, so avoided any health links with that. I hope you’re lucky 🍀 like I was and have a good one. But definitely don’t let the hip thing drag on if no improvement, please do something about it and yes, to cutting back a bit on number of runs. Final last thought, how are your shoes? In need of new ones, had gait analysis. If that might be a cause look in Pinned Posts, FAQ by Iannodetruffe, there’s links in there about shoes and gait anal.


I think theexercises may be the key. I bought shoes in wk7 and had gait analysis so I dont think its that. Ive read that yoga/Pilates is good??


Pilates is awesome! I'm not a pilates coach :) , just an avid fan. I feel so much better when i go regularly. My only caveat would be to find a proper pilates instructor rather than join a gym that offers pilates. Often (not always) you dont get the attention and adjustments you need to ensure you are doing the exercise correctly. They are fine if you have done pilates previously as you can self correct.

If you dont have a local pilates studio then try physios and similar as often they hold classes or could recommend an instructor :)

Also if you see a sports physio and they diagnose X is wrong then a trained pilates instructor will be able to advise on specific exercises to do or avoid, and be able to adapt exercises in class for you.


A very unfriendly doctor to runners, I had a slight hip injury just after my 5th consolidation run about 3 weeks after graduating from C25K. It was very annoying as I was about to run my 1st 5K. but had to postpone that until the soreness went. All I did was not run at all, do other exercises and be patient until my hip was no longer sore, hopefully with resting you

will be able to resume running 🏃soon. 😊


Thanks for all the great advice and encouragment. AlMorr , can I just ask how long you rested for


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