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insole stupidity causing sore hip


So during my warmup walk today, my left shoe felt a bit funny... Like it was rubbing in the wrong place. I figured that I had a wrinkle in my sock and that it would sort itself out. Did one of my usual routes and found breathing and pace better than the last few times, but my left hip started niggling quite badly. I had planned to do half an hour, but at the 25 minute mark I realised I was starting to limp, so I walked home. The source of the problem became apparent when I took my shoes off. I have fitted insoles from a podiatrist, to help with a knee problem. I had got them the wrong way round !

I did some stretches (thanks Oldgirl for the pointers) and it helped, but my hip is really quite stiff and sore for now. (More like muscle pain than anything else I think). Not sure whether I'll go out again before the pain wears off. Hubby has a theory that if I go for a run with my insoles the right way round, then it might iron out the problem, but I'm not so sure. Opinons welcome.

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Ouch. Extra rest day for you xxx


Personally, I would rest it.


Oh bad luck. Personally I would rest it until it is less sore before venturing out again. And how about writing a big R and L on the insoles;-)


Hip is less sore after a night's sleep and some stretches, but I think I'll skip tomorrow's run anyway (unless pain is gone). When I've got the insoles the wrong way round in other shoes (I wear them all the time) its been immediately obvious that something is wrong. And really its pretty obvious by looking at them which way round they go. Strangely my right leg and hip feel absolutely fine - obviously more tolerant...

Oh no. My husband has them and they are so important. If you can find some time try some easy stretches. That might help speed the process of things getting back into place. Hope it calms down soon.

ajwyldGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Yup - stretched as soon as I got home and realised what I'd done. I felt something go ping as I stretched and the pain settled immediately from "very sore indeed" to "really quite achey". Also took anti-inflammatories at bedtime, though no sign of swelling on the outside. Won't be making that mistake again!


I agree with the option of extra rest - it isn't worth risking further injury. See how you feel after an extra rest day and, in the meanwhile, please be kind to yourself. Best wishes.


Definitely give yourself a rest day. Running with even the most minor injury can make it much worse.


Having run through a bit of aching without worrying about it and now paying the price, so to speak, I would definitely recommend taking the extra day out. Far better to take one day off now than a week or a month off later.

Hope the pain goes away soon *s*

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