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W7R1: Not as ready as I thought: but not worried either ;)

OK, OK, I probably got a bit carried away by a great end to week 5 and a happy week 6 ... bet some of you will be grinning :D

Anyway, attempted this today and within moments of setting foot outside, I realised I wasn't ready :( I'd only had one day since the last run, and had eaten three slices of toast for breakfast (I hardly ever have breakfast!) I just knew that going out was gonna be too soon, but the sun was shining - what's a person to do?

Did my 5 or 6 minute walk up the hill and started to run down from there. Eeewwww, stodgy wasn't the word! Plodding is putting it too nicely! Managed about 20 minutes and then my legs turned completely to lead.

No matter, breathing was fine and I got my fix of sunshine :) Walked home and decided that my legs simply hadn't quite recovered from the last couple of quite lengthy runs. They will be better after, perhaps two days of rest? Onward and upwards ... seeya'll around Thursday or Friday LOL

Linda x

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A good attitude towards it Linda; one that others can learn from! :) You did 20 mins which is still a good run and as you say you enjoyed the sunshine and got a vitamin D boost so win win in my book!

Enjoy the rest days and you will rock it next time I'm sure! 8-)

Sue x


Great attitude! Take a few days rest and then you'll be able to complete it!


Great run Linda! Just a few weeks ago you were amazed to do a 20 minuter! ;-) We all have legs of lead runs and we all realized there will be some runs from the start that just stink! I found once I was into the longer runs, by going an extra day or two as recovery days was to my benefit. You will probably find you face the next run more refreshed and rearing to go! :-) As Sue said, today was a win, win! Sunshine, toast and short run! Great stuff! :-) Gayle


You did better than my first try at week7 run 1 I only managed 18

Well done and rest up, and god luck for the next go. :-)


These longer runs can be quite challenging... extra rest days between are perfectly acceptable. Enjoy your next run. :-)


Did you have marmite on the toast?.....mmmm!

you have done well and have a fantastic approach towards the runs, keeps me going :-)

Nothing wrong with a little extra rest...good luck on the next run :-) :-)


Thanks lovely graduates and undergraduates alike for your comments and continued support: really do appreciate it all. :)

Yes, I will take at least the next two days off. Long day at work tomorrow :(

Have done a 6 mile walk with a mate this evening - all flat along a canal towpath, but finishing with a fabulous pub supper and a couple of glasses of wine - does this count as cross-training?

Of course there was Marmite on toast...what else is there? ;)

Loads of luck to you all, thanks again

Linda x


You still put your trainers on, you still went out and you definitely gave it your all. 20 minutes to be proud of!

I want to be able to run on alternate days, part of me wants to keep up momentum but also get to graduation faster. My commen sense needs to win though, just like the runs themselves the programme needs to be taken one step at a time. So I'm slowing down a bit and taking some more rest days. Hopefully this site will keep me motivated to push through. It's gotten me this far. Week seven on Wednesday. Bring it on.


You'll be fine, Linda - you have a great attitude. And at least you enjoyed the toast :) All the best for your next run :)


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