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W7R1 - not a failure but a 'deferred success'

Ok, so I was meant to do my W7R1 yesterday but got struck down with a cold Monday evening (following my 25min run success), I felt too crappy to go out yesterday, but attempted it today instead, but alas I knew before I started that I wasn't really up to it. I managed 14 minutes of running before I had to stop. This is the first time I've not completed a run and it doesn't feel good, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it because only yesterday I was on the sofa surrounded by tissues and lempsip. I think I will attempt it again tomorrow, and at least I know I 'can' run for 25mins. Onwards and upwards eh!

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Love the attitude!


eh, this is pretty much what happened to me today. Mine was week 7 run 2, I got to 17 minutes and had to drop to a walk for a minute to catch my breath. I set off again and did 26 minutes, but I'm going to do run 2 again. Like you, this is the first time I have failed to complete the schedule, but these things happen. If at first you don't succeed?


Yes, we can't win 'em all. Stick at it and we'll both get there!


Excellent! That's the spirit!

We all get a few spanners in the works, be it illness, injury, unexpected demands on our time, kids being ill etc etc than get in the way of our running schedules, but the important thing is not to make a momentary delay into a major derailment, which you have clearly mastered most admirably.

That said, I would probably suggest you leave it another day or so before trying again. Give yourbody a chance to recover a bit more from the lurg and, if you don't usually run on consecutive days, from today's run, before you carry on. Gather your strength, rally your reserves and then get back out there and crush that run at the weekend.


Taking your advice Rignold, going to go out tomorrow instead of today :) Thank you


Getting over an infection, either a bacterial or viral takes time (unfortunately). I have absolutely no patience for being ill so I am probably one of the worlds worst patients. After having a fever I usually take 48 hours before last having a temperature before I strain my self. Respiratory issues even longer.

Take care and you should soon be out there!


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