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Tough run but I made 5km!

I graduated from C25K last week but I hadn't quite made the 5km distance. I had run around 4.4km. So this morning when I woke up I was determined to run 5km. During the week I tend to run in the morning before work and at the moment its still dark. It gets light as I run and its good to see the sunrise! I can't wait for it to be Spring and ligher days!! But as its the weekend I can run at a more human time and during daylight hours so I was determined to make the most of it!

I made myself a new playlist on the computer that was 35 minutes long (excluding the 5 minutes warm up and cool down) and downloaded it onto my ipod.

Then I had breakfast, waited a few hours then off I went! Wow it was a tough run. Not so much the extra 5 minutes but the run in general. I spoke to my friend the other day on the phone who started running last Summer. She is currently training for a half marathon. She said for every 3 or 4 runs, you will have 1 really good one, 1 or 2 ok ones and 1 rubbish one. I think this is so true.

Todays run was ok, not terrible but I've had better runs. I was determined though to keep running to the end. I made it and now have a huge sense of achievement. When I got home I logged onto gmap pedometer and worked out my distance.To my amazement, I had made 5km!! I felt so proud, I'd finally reached the elusive 5km mark!!

I want to wish everyone good luck who is currently running C25K. Its a brilliant programme and it feels so rewarding when you reach your goal. I know how it feels to really struggle and I had never really been a fan of running before C25K. But I'm so glad I found the programme. Keep going everyone, there is light at the end of the tunnel and happy running!

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Fantastic, well done! You've cracked three goals now - completing the programme, running for half an hour and running 5k.

So... when do you start training for a half-marathon? ;-)


Well done :)


Well done you, you should be feeling great. This programme is brilliant isn't it? :-)


Just about to start W5 and stories like yours keep me inspired to keep going - well done.


Thank you everyone for your comments, it means a lot. Hmm I'm not so sure about a half marathon. My goal for 2013 is 10km! But to be honest I'm just happy being outside in the fresh air and getting some exercise.

Good luck pinkhat with running week 5. Week 5 Run 3 was the hardest for me, but I got so much inspiration from people on the blogs it really helped me to progress.


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