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Couch to 5K
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Not as unfit as I thought!!!

Hi everyone,

This is my first post...

A 54 yr old, what I call quite unfit.

My friend 'challenged' me to do the Walkie Talkie Tower run, for Mencap, up 36 floors, a total 828 steps.... I did it in 14.34mins!!!! I was so chuffed...

I suggested we do C25K!!!

We are on W4 R3, I am loving it!!!

I didn't think I could do 1minute, and here we are doing 5 minutes running, I had to push myself this week, I haven't run since school!! But the feeling when you complete a run is amazing....

The children are really supportive, ( as is the excellent sports bra!!!)

Ready for week 5 👟👟👟

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Wow well done you. You must be beaming. Congratulations. It shows with determination you can do what you want.

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Crikey! 36 floors in 14 and a bit minutes? What I call pretty damn nippy!

You're going to absolutely smash C25k. Enjoy!


Wow, that's amazing, stairs are tough, and I just can't imagine that many!


Definitely not as unfit as you thought! What a plus that the kids are supportive too. Enjoy week 5 :)


Best quote this morning ' the kids are supportive as is the sports bra' classic 😂

You're going to love this programme and graduate with honours - enjoy!


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