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Week 6 Run 2 - I DID IT!

Decided I would just repeat run 2 as opposed to starting the week again as this is what others had recommended. Set out positively and completed the first 10mins, wasn't easy though. Set off on 2nd 10 min run and the outside of my ankle started hurting, never had this pain before or any other significant pain, decided to keep running to see if it would subside, which I think it did slightly - I was determined to complete this run no matter what.

Thankfully Laura said 60 seconds left and I knew I had done it, breathing was maybe slightly better than previous runs but I am still finding these longer runs very difficult, cannot for one minute think how I am going to manage 25 mins. Not sure when I will be able to do it yet due to this ankle issue, but will probably try all being well on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone for their advice and encouragement, good luck to you all in your runs this week.

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Wonderful news! Yes, might be a good idea to rest the ankle a little while rather than inviting problems and running the next section too quickly! All the best for the weekend :) Linda


you will do it, you know you can. Just make sure that the ankle is rested enough. Good luck to you and stay positive. Let us know how it goes. :-) ;-)


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