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W7 R1 - first run on the street

I normally run in a park near my house but as I'm now doing the longer runs, I've got a bit bored of just running 3 or 4 laps. I find as well that because I know how long it takes me to a lap that I'm more aware of how much I've done/got left. I therefore decided to get brave and hit the streets!

I actually really enjoyed it. The run was hard but not oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-die hard. Having a different route really helped and made it more interesting. There were even 2 small hills which was a new challenge. I'd really recommend changing things up if you're getting bored. I found it more satisfying as well to think of the route I'd run rather than just laps of a park. Also you have the thought that you have to get back home so you might as well run!

I was pleased that my distance improved too - 3.89km in 25 minutes. Still can't quite believe I can run nearly 4k non-stop. Everyone keeps saying its like I'm a new person - weight loss, healthy eating and now loving running. Have even sat on the PC planning out new routes to run - it does become a bit addictive but at least it's a good addiction :-)

Happy running everyone

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Well done and good advice about changing the route. I'd have gone mad doing laps... only slightly better than a treadmill. Still, it worked, as you're a proper runner now (to quote Laura). ;-)

Enjoy your new addiction! :-)


Terrific, well done. Great achievement... Enjoy last few to graduation! ;)


I am doing my W7R2 today - planning to change my route after reading your blog :)


Thats exactly what I did for W5R3 and then from the long runs with no intervals; I couldnt take laps of the park any more! ;) Even if we are running the streets of London and dont have beautiful scenery Kel it is still nice to have things to look at and distract us. Well done for being a brave bunny! :)



Yep LondonKel you have been bitten by the running bug :) Don't forget your lovely park when your planning some new routes why not try and finish off doing a lap of it. After all it took you right up to week 7. Well done, it sounds to me as if you are pretty fast too at this stage, keep up the good work.


Thanks everyone.

Glad I inspired you CouchCarrot!

Definitely no beautiful scenery where I live in the east end Sue (unless you count hundreds of betting shops and chicken shops!) but like you say, keeps your mind off of things like how long left.

Good advice Oldgirl. My house is right next to the park so the good thing is, if I'm a bit quicker at a route than I thought, I can always finish off with a lap as you suggest and then be right home.

I was supposed to be doing R2 tonight but my little girl's not well and won't let mummy leave her side so will have to postpone until Wednesday.


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