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How do you choose your running route and how do you run through the winter frost?


I'm embarking on Week 8 and finding that, as I run for longer and my speed increases, my old route is too short. I've added loops to it and widened it but am getting bored of the same old. I was thinking of driving to my nearest Park Run route this morning and doing that, but then, part of what I like about doing C25K is that I can do it door to door without any faffing. Driving somewhere to run seems a bit daft. Or should I do this to mix it up a bit.

The other thing I'm concerned about is frost. I work 4 days so fit my runs in usually before everyone else is up. What do you do in winter? Do you stop running and have a break?

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I use an app called footpath to plot routes. It’s fairly easy to use and will give elevation as well as mileage.

In frost I’ll probably just be running on grass... feet get cold and wet but it’s not slippery. Some days it’ll be worse than others, so I’ll be prepared to move runs about, or possible even take on the dreadmill.

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you! I hadn't thought about running on grass. That would be perfect as there is a field within 5 mins of my house. I did my first ever C25K 'run' there.


Reverse it... go further afield.. and maybe once a week drive to the park or similar:)

I ran and still run early morning... I graduated in the winter if is brilliant.. magical... sharp crisp and clear... also wet, wild and windy... :)

The only thing I will not, as many of us , run on, is ice.... It is a non starter... either forgo the run that day or use a cross trainer or similar. I us my trainer on icy days... ( having fallen on ice, I never want to do it again)

No breaks... the winter mornings are wonderful.... warm leggings, a light warm jacket... bob hat, buff and gloves :) Perfect !!

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

That sounds so magical! I'm going to get a head torch and reflective jacket today and continue until the frost comes. And I'll add a buff to my list for next month.

I've got a cross trainer as well. Maybe I'll use that during the week when I can't get out early due to frost then run on Fridays and Sundays when I'm off work. Am definitely going to investigate running on grass.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Scarlettbunnykins

Sounds great..I use my trainer after any injury keep everything moving .(I really am Old floss😉)..track running is wonderful and the frost in the breaking dawn light can be breathtaking...although one morning a patch of black ice on a back lane resulted in a Bambi incident!!

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Oh noooo! Sounds painful!


I always drive to different parks. That way you’ll have to run, no choice or shortcuts. ;)

Winter? Run in the dark and layer it. It’s essier than it seems. I, and many here, missed only the runs where black snow/ice spoiled it. Otherwise you just go and do it. Or you don’t. Either way it’s you calling the shots.

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to mrrun

I think mixing it up on my days off is definitely a good idea. And like you say, I call the shots. It's quite liberating really!


I use a website called plot a route 👌🏽

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to Tasha99

Thanks, I'll have a look at this.


I would suggest varying the run as I got a bit fed up of the same route. Probably a bit more challenging too. 😀

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to Pinkpig20

After all these responses, I'm definitely going to mix up my routes. I'm going to look through the apps and see what's around.


Run from your doorstep on work days (after your warm-up walk, of course!) and then find some parks or country tracks to drive to at the weekends to mix it up a bit. It's a lovely smug feeling getting back to your car, all hot and sweaty and muddy, glugging some water, stretching out and then driving home for a hot shower!

I don't run in the snow and ice but running on grass would work there. Also, now Autumn is here, be very wary of wet leaves, trodden into slippery squashy layers on the pavements. I've nearly come a cropper on leaves. And when you're running after dark you can't always see them.

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to Nobbywatts

Yes, I think mixing it up a bit would def help. And I'll watch out for leaves so I don't come a cropper!

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