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First run of week 6 done and I enjoy running now?


Earlier today I ran my first session of week 6. I had looked up what the run would entail and was relieved to see that it was running intervals again after the 20 minute run in week 5 .

So relieved in fact, that I started out a bit too fast and forgot to focus on my breathing and got a bit tired out early. I managed to find my focus again after a while and after that the run went alright, but I was really tired the last 2 minutes.

I guess I was surprised to feel how happy I was when I started my run today. It's hard work and I don't love every single second of it, but overall, I really enjoy running. I've been one of those people that enjoy the idea of running, but the practical action of running, not so much. I think it was because when I've tried it in the past I've gone out too strong, getting horribly sore muscles and joints and then couldn't maintain the running.

Six weeks into the C25K program, and I've found my breathing, I've found a way to balance the strain in my calves with tempo and tension, and I've found a way to strengthen my knee(s) so that I'm not in horrible pain when I run.

Did anyone else also have this aha experience during the C25K? If so, on what week did it happen?


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I have a vey strange love/hate relationship with running. When I'm actually doing it I'm constantly fighting the gremlins telling me to stop etc and wishing that Laura would say '1 minute left' but the crazy thing is as soon as I've finished I'm wanting to do it all over again.

On rest days i'm day dreaming about running too.

And don't get me started on my googling of running kit! :O :O

Have fun! :)

NeneneneGraduate in reply to SuperMouse

Yes, running really does give you a lot of conflicting messages. I'm broke right now, so no googling for new running kit to tempt me, so I'm stuck on watching and reading about marathon runners. How cool would it be to be able to do that? But also, ouch! =)

Have fun running you too!

SuperMouseGraduate in reply to Nenenene

Ha yeah I must be getting addicted as I do that too! (one of my day dreams is i'm running past the end ribbon and taking the gold)! lol :P


I'm sure the return to interval running serves a very good purpose, but hell, I found them tough., certainly no easier than the longer runs, which makes no sense does it?😐

NeneneneGraduate in reply to Jell6

Yes, it feels like the intervals should be easier than they are, but I guess there's a reason why they mix it up. I sometimes forget (I don't know how I manage to do it, but I do :D) that the runs are supposed to get harder, despite me thinking otherwise :D.

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