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Week 6 Done - Roll on Week 7


Well, after wondering where I'd get the extra 300 seconds from and struggling a little with run 2 and the walking interval, I finished run 3 today and even managed a bit of extra pace in the last 60 seconds. Seems there was "fuel in the tank" for a little burst of speed after 24 minutes of running... really looking forward to week 7 now and quietly very pleased that Laura called me a "runner" today... :)

Does anyone else struggle in the first 5-10 minutes of your run to get motivated? I find that's actually the time I can find all sorts of reasons why I couldn't possibly continue. If I ignore myself for a while I find the rest of my run is quite enjoyable...

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Well done! Your experience of Run 3 in Week 6 sounds identical to my own, I also managed to find some energy for a bit of pace in the latest 60 seconds. I struggle in the first 5 minutes, hate it and wonder why I am doing it, then I seem to settle in. I am just about to go out and do Run 1 of Week 7 and not really looking forward to it. I too was chuffed when Laura called me a 'runner', it's the little things eh?!!


Well done on completing week 6. There is quite a lot on the site about the business of the first 5 minutes of a run being harder than the rest of it. You are not alone, it seems quite a lot of people experience this situation. Good luck with the start of W7 and best wishes.


Thanks everyone... I just tell myself in that first 5 minutes that when the next 20-25 minutes are over I will feel SO much better and it seems to work! Interesting that now it's a mental challenge rather than a physical one..

changing my route has helped too.. Now I never know when,Laura will tell me to stop so there's no mental barrier to run through..


I seem now to manage first few mins ok it is from then until half way that i struggle, once i am at the mid point I seem to perk up a bit, mind you it is ALWAYS hard work to finish and to be honest my feeling is that if you are wanting to get fitter and faster it always will be hard on the run.


I too had a grin break out on my face when Laura called me a runner. Considering 6 weeks ago I was struggling with 60 secs of running I am well pleased with my little self... When I pass people now I don't feel the urge to hide behind a tree, expecting them to point and laugh as I am not skinny and fit. I am finding that doing the non stop running better than the stop starts - never expected that. Looking forward to Week 7 after finishing my 25 mins wk 6 day 3/3 this morning. Still need to get my breathing right, and I have up days and down days with aches but I just have to keep reminding myself when I start that I will be thrilled when I finish, :)

Just finished all w6 runs and I agree with every thing you've said also I felt chuffed to be called a runner by Laura lol . Yes I do struggle in the first 5-10 mins then I seem to get over it

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