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Finished Week 7 on to 8

I finished week 7 on yesterday and am looking forward to week 8 and on to graduation. I thought Friday was smooth, had some leg fatigue and stiffness but not bad like some times before. I am looking forward to the finish and will be signing up for a 5K run/walk with my family, should be fun. I am also starting to think about what to do after that and I think I'll take a break for a short while and then start the couch to 5K program from the beginning again. Does anyone have any comments who have finished and made that choice? Please let me know. Mike

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I think if you take too much of a break, you'll just lose some of the fitness you've gained.

And maybe the way to redo c25k would be in reverse? Instead of a break, take it easier on yourself, but keep running. Do a Week 8 run, followed by a Week 7 run, followed by the other Week 6 runs, etc, until you find a point where you feel like you're getting a bit of exercise, still, but also some relief from the pressure of the longer runs. I think if you go back to Week 1 you might even find that doing it for speed isn't enough?

I don't know. Using the earlier weeks as a basis for building speed is maybe going to help you move ahead in a different way? And if you've stuck too religiously to the programme, maybe a re-run is exactly what you need? So can I change my mind about what I think you should do? Maybe that plan of yours will work very nicely, after all. Depends what you plan to do, and how you monitor the results, I suppose. It's not as if you'll get thrown in a debtors prison if you don't stick to a commitment to start again all the way from Week 1, after all. The contract with yourself is very breakable.


well done on your reaching week 8 :D graduation isn't far away now :D good luck and enjoy the 5k walk/run too :D


Thanks for your kind words of encouragement it is very appreciated.

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I'm not sure where you are based, but check to see if you have a parkrun nearby and go along. This will give you the motivation to keep running! You should still try to run 3x per week, even if it isn't following the program (or any program!) and parkrun can be one of those runs. Then in a few weeks, you can try the 5k+ podcasts.

Just make sure you keep getting out there.


thanks for your suggestions they are very helpful. Mike


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