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5x50 Day 6 - almost a week done already!

After my effort on the exercise bike in the gym at 4,20am for day 5; today was back to reality and the world outside.

It looked chilly and windy outside when I woke up at 3pm, I was tempted to stay in bed too long reading the blogs so wandered downstairs for breakfast at 4,30pm; then had to decide on whether to try out the sore calf running or to do another bike ride.

Procrastinated for another hour or so (tucked under nice soft warm blanket on the couch), then decided on the bike; as although the calf felt ok this morning when I had to run down the platform, down one set of stairs then up the next set to catch the fast train home it felt ok, but I really want it fully better before I run again.

Declined my daughters offer of a takeaway dinner at her house, set off on the bike intending to do my 5.45k run route, rather than the route I have been doing, but once I got going I thought I should do the slightly longer ride again. So with cold wind blowing, making tears and nose stream (attractive!) I pedalled my way round; no close encounter with the German Shepherd dog which had lunged at me on Tuesday nearly pulling it's lady owner off her feet, although the lady was at the end of her drive, phew! Had a close encounter with a Range Rover as it passed me on the lane, but wobbled safely away from the muddy ditch! Enjoyed freewheeling down the little hill before I got to the climb at the end, dropped through the gears and made it to the top! Chain was creaking and I was puffing like a train, but did it!

Got home and Imap said I was 2 minutes quicker than Tuesday, yay! Considering I have been on 12 hour night shifts, and did yesterdays exercise at 4am today so am feeling tired, I'm happy with that.

I was really hoping to Parkrun tomorrow but think that is a step too far; I will see how I feel and do a gentle run/walk session tomorrow sometime depending on what the daughters have planned for me wedding preparation-wise, daughters wedding next Friday, so expect no Parkrun next week either, unless I have no alcohol at the reception!!!

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Wow, you're doing well, Poppy! I don't envy you your timings though. Great that you were quicker than Tuesday - it's lovely to see progress, isn't it :) Enjoy your daughter's wedding - I hope the weather is kind and you all have a great day.


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