5x50 week 6 - Report from 59° North

5x50 week 6 - Report from 59° North

Activity reports

Day 36: Enjoyed a lovely 13km walk with hubby, exploring a local forest. I found a couple of geocaches.

Day 37: Speed intervals training session - the first one in weeks. It was lovely to run in t-shirt and shorts again (12°C), but still I got very hot doing the fast runs.

Day 38: A great long, and tough, 50 km bike ride. It was tough because half of it was off road on the South Loch Ness Trail. This is new route running through the countryside in the area to the south of Loch Ness which has been created by linking existing farm and forest tracks and by creating new paths, The new paths are well built, but the top layer of fist-sized stones are not bedded down yet and are really difficult to cycle on. The farm tracks vary in condition from faint grassy tracks running alongside fields, to muddy quagmires where they are heavily used by farm machinery and animals. We just did the southern half, then headed back to the car along the single track minor roads. Despite the mud in places, it's a lovely route and I recommend it!

Day 39: Regular tempo run, but struggled with the heat!

Day 40: Took the opportunity to do a one-way long run, with hubby dropping me off near Forres and picking me up a couple of hours later at Nairn. The route involved a few kms on single track roads (made further since I missed a junction) then running through Culbin Forest. A new 'furthest distance' for me at almost 18 km.

Day 41: Today was the first day since starting that I really didn't feel like going out to do 5 km! I was busy all day and put it off. Then following my evening meal I thought I MUST do something. I was going to do 30 minutes video Swiss Ball exercise, but that didn't seem like a good idea with a full stomach, so I opted to do a quick birl around the local roads on my bike. Once I got started it was great and I wish I'd gone sooner. I did 8 km and would have gone further if not for the fact it was getting dark in the rain.

Day 42: A slow photography walk in the local forest with members of the local forest group and camera club.

Body Report: Suffered a wee bit with sore stomach during long, slow run, due to a combination of wearing the waist bag and (apologies if TMI) 'runner's trots'. I need to try variations in my diet the day before long runs. :-(

Equipment Report: Used my new waist bag for the long trail run on Thursday, but still not cracked this carrying stuff issue. It bounced about a bit and gave me a bruise on my back like the previous bag. I'm hoping it will be better when I get my new smaller, lighter camera that I've got on order.

Photographic report: More photos added to my Flickr '5x50 Challenge 2013' album:



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13 Replies

  • Looks like another fantastic week, especially the bike ride, esp like the Christmas tree picture in your blog.

  • When I read Forres to Nairn, I blinked, shook my head, blinked again and then gulped. that's beyond my comprehension.

    You are one amazing woman - If I ever wore a hat, I'd take it off to you!

  • And wow - what a great set of photos. But come on - that beach shot. Surely the Cayman? It's never Nairn .... This means I need to eat my hat twice!

  • Thanks guys, I'm never going to be speedy like you two, but am happy to plod on and on and on...

    I'm now stepping up from 3 runs a week to 4, so will see if I can increase my pace eventually just through sheer mileage in my legs.

  • Super run Swanscot - if I'd have know you were so close I'd have come and cheered you on :)

  • I would have contacted you, if I'd known I was heading that way in advance. Hubby only announced this work visit the evening before.

  • Great stuff Swanscot! 18km run is phenomenal, terrific stamina. Well done :-)

  • Thank you for your lovely week 6 report :) What another week to remember and some truly amazing distances! Well done :)

  • Amazing activities and photos, Swanscot! You're inspirational! :)

  • 50 km bike ride over fist-sized stones? 18 km run? OMG!

    You really are amazing! :)

  • It wasn't all riding over stones, or I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week! ;-)

  • A wonderful update as usual Sheila! Well done on the 18k run, fantastic!!


  • Well done, you're amazing! The thought of running 18K horrifies me, though you are very, very inspiring!

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