Week 6 done!

Finally completed week 6 and heard Laura tell me I'm a runner! It's taken me a lot longer than 6 weeks due to injuries and rehab but it feels great to have got hear at last. I actually felt better yesterday after the run than on the day before when I felt (or feared) every ache and twinge in my legs.

There's so much great motivation on this site, Looking forward to week 7 now and even thinking about taking a look at a local parkrun!

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  • Well done...I am looking forward to that!!

  • Well done Andy, you are nearly there! I can recommend a Parkrun, I was a bit daunted before I went along but I needn't have worried. It is great, everyone at mine is so friendly and encouraging, it has opened up another new world. I am volunteering at mine this weekend to give my legs a rest! x

  • Thanks for the encouragement, have hurt my ankle this week but I'm certainly going to give it a try when I've recovered

  • Well done Andy, not long now........

  • Thanks AncientMum, it's great to get support on here

  • Well done Andy! :) I loved when Laura said that part about being a runner too - woohoo!

    Good luck with Week 7 - I am only a run or two ahead of you :) x

  • Hi Spiky_moss, week 7 started ok but I took Laura's advise about a new route and twisted my ankle so I'm not running for a while. Good luck with your running, you must be getting close to graduation now!

  • Congratulations Andy , glad your back out there again . Go for the park run you will love it . I'm doing one tomorrow my first since dec. after my injury . Happy running

  • Thanks for the support Rockette, good to hear you're back from your injury. Happy running to you too

  • Great news `Andy! Glad you are back and running well. Good luck for rest of the programme and don't forget to order your graduation t- shirt!! They can take a while and will keep you motivated!! :)

  • Hi Carole, thanks for the encouragement, it's taking me a while but I'll get to graduate eventually!

  • Pleased to hear that Andy, well done. Week 6 is probably the hardest, and I think you will find next week a tad easier, if I dare say such a thing. I'd hate to tempt fate

    Park Run!!!! Go for it!

  • Thanks for the encouragement miss wobble, this is a really motivational forum. I'm taking an extra couple of rest days having hurt an ankle, but am looking forward to getting back out there soon

  • Well done, Andy. It's a great achievement completing week 6. Onwards and upwards :)

  • Brilliant news Andy, you're on the home straight now :)

  • You should go for it!! They are friendly places and once you start you get lost in your own run anyway! May be the start of something great.... :)

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