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Get Away By


Week 3 Run 1, it’s lambing on the farm, normally I’d hitch a ride, side saddle of course in back of hubbys quad bike but not today ..isn’t it your W3R1 he said ..well yes I replied. Well get away by he said which basically means get running to the sheep to a sheep dog. So me and the dog set off hubby in hot pursuit on the quad bike. Ran the w3r1 to the far field caught this young lady lambing, helped load her into the trailer and she has had 4 beautiful little girls

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Brilliant run!

Lovely mornings work too !

JullalyGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

It was a beautiful morning for the run,I still can’t believe it ..running and I did it and I love it


Excellent - blimey, you're packing in the running and the working - well done! xx 😀🏃‍♀️🐑🐑

JullalyGraduate in reply to JoP61

Thanks My real job is a teacher so only a night time and weekend farmer and a bit in the hols ..but back to school for gcse prep next week, worried about packing it all in but I am so determined to do something for me, I will keep making the time x

JoP61Graduate in reply to Jullaly

Oh gosh - I know how busy (over worked) teachers are! Important to make the time for the runs though, it's your time. The C25K programme is quite good as it packs a lot into 30 minutes! Good luck and happy running. x 🏃‍♀️


Fantastic story! I love it that you’re getting great support from your hubby too - which must really help to keep you on track!

JullalyGraduate in reply to Susojan

He is great although I could have chucked him off his bike and kidnapped it half way through the 3 minute bit !

SusojanGraduate in reply to Jullaly


- and so life changes!! That's lovely, have always felt envious when hear people talk about lambing, no matter how exhausting - but I live in London.

JullalyGraduate in reply to ancientrunner

and I love a visit to London .. it proves that it doesn't matter if you live in the city or remote areas ..anyone can run


Wow! What a fantastic run and beautiful finish with the new lambs. You’re doing fab 👏

JullalyGraduate in reply to Melo_smiles

Im really surprising myself !


Fantastic! Go you! Love the photo and scenery too. 😀

JullalyGraduate in reply to Elfe5

One benefit of living in remote area other than the scenery is you don't actually run past people ..just sheep x


How lovely! Gosh 4 wee lambs, that poor ewe needs a break!

Well done on another completed run 👍👏😁

JullalyGraduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Don't worry she is getting loads of TLC and the lambs getting a top of milk too, I'm literally running around the farm ..its great


Wow what a very talented lady you are!! I saw your post from a few days ago and felt really indignant and cross with those bunch of meanies!! So glad you are shoving it right back at them! Keep going! I’m loving your story and you know there are so many people on this forum cheering you on! I’ve just followed you and hope it helps to keep you motivated. Enjoy! Xx

JullalyGraduate in reply to alikayV

I know I was so taken aback by the attitude of some people ..ive decided you can't win .. they comment if people are overweight or unhealthy but then knock you back when you try to get healthier .. but I am determined and I will show them. Thank you for your support


Looking good 😊

JullalyGraduate in reply to DebJogsOn

surprised I wasn't beetroot in colour! lol

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