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Week 3 Run 2 completed after a long break

Ankle better - tick. Snow gone - tick. New running shoes - tick.

After nearly three weeks off due to a bad ankle and bad weather I decided to get back on track. I decided to start where I'd finished off at week 3 rather than going back to weeks 1 and 2 as week 3 is only four runs.

Started off well but my first three minute run was against the wind and hard work! The second three minute run seemed to go on forever but I did it!

I found some new roads in the neighbourhood to run in too.

Feeling proud of myself and can't wait for my next run on Sunday!

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Well done Daisy, I just finished Week 3 on Tuesday so we're quite close together on the programme :)

Keep running!


Thank you. I've just looked at week 4. It looks tough but I'm looking forward to trying.


It's great that you're feeling proud of yourself - you're doing brilliantly! Good luck for Sunday. I hope the wind has dropped by then :)


Thank you. Weather looking good so far!


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