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W4R1 - Really?!


Yes, big smiles when I got back today. I actually ran more than I walked. It's true. Laura said so and I believe everything that comes out of her mouth and into my ears :D

I enjoyed today's challenge, possibly more when it was over than at the time. But I'm pleased to say that although I found the runs difficult, I felt I had more in me and could've run for longer if I'd had to. Yes I was pleased to slow down and recover but the fact that I felt I could've gone on must be a good thing, yes?

With reference to another blog, I came across lots of body waste, although not floaters. Why can't people clear up after their dogs. I do hate a pooey pavement. Grrr.

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Well done you on getting to week four, it is a shame we sometimes have to play dodgems with dogs mess, very frustrating indeed.

Keep it going you are doing really well :-)


Well done for doing so well. It is such an amazing feeling when you realise you still have some energy over at the end :) It will come in handy when you get to the big weeks. I was the same as you and now (W7R3) I can speed up for the last 5 mins of my run. Keep doding those doggy doos ;)

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