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W4R1 - Done!

And I'm feeling immensely proud of myself. I know it's early days, but I never imagine when I started this program 4 weeks ago, that I would be able to run for 5 minute at a time, and when Laura ends this sessions with "you've spent more time running than walking", it felt superb.

I know there are tough days ahead (W5R3 I'm looking at you), but I'm over a third of the way into the program now, and it's feeling.....well not good, but not quite hell either :-)

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YAY!!!! Well done - always a good feeling :) and don't worry about W5R3, you'll get through it and feel amazing for it :D


Isn't it amazing!

There's no denying it's hard - physically and mentally, but the rewards for sticking to it are immense! :)


Stick with it, theriddler and it just gets better! Well done.

Enjoy your running.


Well done theriddler. I did W4R1 tonight and felt a huge sense of achievement. Never thought a few weeks ago that I'd be able to run for 5 mins. It wasn't too bad. Slightly tweaky knees despite buying proper running shoes at the weekend, but still raring to go!


Sounds like we're at a similar stage. My next run is tomorrow, which will be on a treadmill, then run three will be Friday outdoors.

A few days rest, then week 5 will start on Tuesday :-)


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