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Week 7 completed - despite the cold!

That's that done then! I decided to follow Laura's advice and take a different route tonight and it did help. I bet you girls love being right :-) :-)

The only drawback was that I had to keep looking out for traffic as I had to cross some roads and the fumes were none too pleasant. Still, it certainly made the run go quicker, and my pace gas increased to an average of 7 minutes per km. (I know I must be getting in to it now and getting concerned about my average pace)

So on to week 8 - oh just realised - two week to graduation - how time flies

Have a great weekend all :-) :-)

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I'm not coming near you and your pace gas! :D (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)


I love spelling glitches


well done you, I start W7 tomorrow and a new route might be an idea, but I know where the hills are currently. I have just got the Nike App so keen to see speed and distance etc. Have a good one!


Good job. :-) I do my last run (I hope its my last) of week 7 tomorrow. :-)

Best of luck for week8


If I may make a correction - 'Pace gas', should read 'pace has' damn G being next to the H. Still may have some gas turbo boost!!! :-)


Well done and good luck with W8. I do my last run of W7 tomorrow, so we should graduate at about the same time....I'm really quite excited about :)


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