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Week 5 Run 3 - done and done (finally)


well I know I have not posted on here before and being a new joiner but after reading a lot of your posts it spurred me to join in and I have to say I am so glad that I did.

I am currently coming back from knee injuries (yes only I could damage both knees with in 2 months of each other!) My physio told me to start gentle interval training so I instantly thought of the C25K plan - little did I know how much fitness I had lost in 4 months! So when on Tuesday I hit the dreaded w5r3 I knew it was going to be a struggle but somehow around 6 mins into my run I tripped, twisted my ankle and winded myself :( Not a great way to proceed with a run and was very tempted to give this a miss and go back to week 4 again. But after reading all your triumphs I was urged on to give this run a re-match and so this morning I decided today was the day.

And I'm sat here now with Ice packs on both knees and a big grin on my face for managing to defeat the beast on the 2nd attempt, but I have to admit it wasn't the easiest thing to have completed. Especially when I heard Laura say you have 2 minutes left I could have stopped there and then! but thought of posting on here that I had completed it, to complete strangers and knowing that there are people out there who have known the wonderful buzz I am currently feeling it spurred me on to through the final seconds.

So I just want to say Thank you and bring on week 6

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Oh wow I hope your knees are OK? obviously you survived your trip, bruised ego no doubt!

Very well done on taking the beast by the horns and showing it who's boss. :-)

Best of luck with week 6. :-)


Well done!!! I struggled on W5R3 and achieved it on the third attempt so know how hard it is and to do it after a trip and being winded is a major feat. Keep up the good work!!!

Well done, massive run and milestone :)

Well done. It's a great achievement isn't it (completed mine yesterday). This forum helps as much as the podcasts though :)


Well done, and welcome! :)

Tripping is horrible and scary - I tripped today and felt a tiny 'eek' in my ankle, but, fingers crossed, it seems ok - hope your knees will be feeling right again soon. It might be worth taking more than one rest day before your next run, to let them recover - it's probably not a good idea to keep running on painful knees. You might also find that going a bit slower for a while will put less strain on them.

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