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Mental preparation for week five run three

Having completed run 2 today i am now in preparation for facing the first big run. I must admit to start finding the last three or four runs quite easy, not stroll in the park easy but not like i need to collapse from exhaustion like i did in week two.. Even been adding an extra five min run to the end of each on. So i should be fine with the twenty mins but there is a part of me that thinks that my mind and body are lulling me into a false sense of security so that they can show me with great effect why people like me shouldn't enjoy running.

Anyway i have till Monday to battle my demons and must admit the encouraging blogs from all of you who are a run or two ahead of me are very helpfull.

Fingers crossed for Monday

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Good luck! I do it tomorrow!!!


You will crash through the 20 minute barrier. You are physically and mentally prepared so no reason to listen to your demons. You sound like me, adding the odd 5 mins to a run, challenging yourself every step of the way. You'll complete the plan before you know it. My W5R3 feels like yesterday and I graduated this Sunday. Keep us posted so we can cheer for you and give you a virtual pat on the back.


Good luck ladybugw, I've just completed this one & empathise with the apprehension but it certainly sounds like your more than ready if you've been adding runs on. I know what you mean about the voice within, mental barriers are a big part of progression IMO - prove those demons wrong & you will be as high as a kite. :-)


Try and ignore your inner voice, run a little slower than normal......you are READY! :-)


Good luck tomorrow, sounds like you're all prepared and ready. Don't listen to the doubting demons, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to run and enjoy it...sounds like you already are. You are going to feel so good tomorrow when you've done it.


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