Couch to 5K

Week 6 Run 1

I started Week 6 this morning. I went out thinking nothing of 5 min / 8 min / 5 min runs, after managing to complete 20 mins on Friday.

It was a total struggle. This was the first time I've felt almost unable to finish and came back to seriously aching legs.

I was blaming the fact that I've been tired, had PMT, spent yesterday bending down doing housework etc etc. But now I read through blogs and discover that a lot of other people find this one a struggle too.

I don't know whether it's just that you get cocky once you've done a long block of running... (5 minutes sounds OK to me but seemed like an eternity)....or whether I'm still recovering from the 20 mins, but it was hard.

Anyway, with the usual tips of slowing down a bit, breathing and pacing properly, I made it through. I'm hoping the struggle against tiredness will reward me with a bit more stamina next time. We'll see how it goes after a rest!! :)

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I had the same thing - I guessed it was at least partly due to recovering from the 20 minutes, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The program seems to work so I assume that going back to the 5min/8min is for a good reason. I then found W6R3 easier to get through than the previous 2, although I did leave 2days rest before that one because I was feeling a bit under the weather.


I had to struggle through the first run of week 6. mentally you think you can do anything after running 20mins but I think the program is designed to bring you back down to earth & stop you causing yourself an injury through overconfidence. although I see you only had one days rest since the big 20min run so maybe you just needed a little more time to recover.

I bet your 2nd run will be much better

glad that you managed to finish this run :) happy running X


I confess I skipped week 6 run 1 (only because I'd got behind and needed to catch up due to looming Sport Relief 3 miles) and didn't have a huge problem - so it must be something to do with reintroducing the intervals. BUT - looking back, it was a huge jump to sustain and the joy went out of my running for a long time afterwards. So stick with the programme - it's good news!!


This run was a low point for me too but I'm in to W7 and seem to be holding out. Hang in there, it won't be long before you're a runner too!


Thanks guys. I will keep going...I know there are good times and bad times. I agree, shellymcb that I don't think I left enough rest in between which didn't help.

I'm going on hols this week so will probably be "resting" on Week 6 for a while anyway :)


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