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How to cheat at Stepping Stone

Tried Stepping Stone the other day and it was a disaster, so decided to cheat. How? Get a convenient teenager (in this case my 15-year old son Aidan) to SLOW THE PODCAST DOWN by 10%! So instead of running 150bpm, 155bpm, 160bpm, I was running 135bpm, 139bpm, 144bpm. Result? I made it to the end, no problems.

Isn't that a bit pointless, I hear you say? Well, no, I don't think so. For one thing, I'm still running at a constant speed (and for 33 minutes instead of 30!) For another, if I can crack this one, then I can move on to Stepping Stone - 5%, and eventually onto Stepping Stone...

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Good idea. I use Podrunner podcasts and in the intro. the dj says with the paid version you can have the tunes at whatever bpm you wish. I suppose that is the beauty of this type of music. I wouldn't work with rock or pop songs.:-)


It wouldn't work...


I like the idea of a stepping stone to work you up to Stepping Stone! :) If it works for you, then go for it!


You're a sly one! ;-) I think it sounds like a fabulous idea! You're out and running and that's what's important. :-) Gayle


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