Not ready for stepping stone? Yes you are!

Recently graduated and felt like I need structure and don't know how to proceed. I was encouraged here on the forum by miss wobble and others to try the stepping stone podcast. I thought to myself - 'I can't be ready for that - that's for the real graduates, not me! I just barely finished the program, I cant start working on my pace and technique quite yet! Who do I think I am? So instead, my first run as a graduate was a repeat of week 9, and was not fun, felt like I was not progressing, but that it was also not even becoming easy. I didn't like that feeling, and decided to listed to miss wobble and just give the stepping stone podcast a chance, and that's what I did for my second run as a graduate this morning. Let me tell you - it was great! Just like every other step in this genius program - it provides a bit of a challenge, but nothing beyond your capability, which results in improvement and in the priceless sense of achievement. I also really enjoyed running to the beat in a very controlled way, without having to improvise with pace. One thing that scared me were the hills that are unavoidable in my regular route - how can I keep up the dictated pace while running uphill? Well - it tuns out you can keep running on the beat and just make smaller steps, which results in a slower overall pace, but makes the uphill portion of the run reasonable. So - if you are a fresh fresh graduate full of insecurity and self doubt like myself - just go out and do it - it is not beyond your ability - and it is fun!


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6 Replies

  • Yeah...Well done aviv17😊

    Yes, I love stepping stones too. 1,2,3,4 the beat and structure and Laura's tips make for a great run. Its good to wirk on your technique isn't it, and running up those hills too! Onwards and upwards..

  • Well done!

    I found Stepping Stones made me do a strange soft shoe shuffle like run:) But I adored, and still do Stamina and Speed! :)

    Great fun.. all of this isn't it? Onward and upwards :)

  • I love stepping stones. Whenever I get stuck in a rut or have a problem with my running I go back to it.

  • I'm a fan too. When I first graduated I tried it and hated it, so did week 9 again and again, then I tried again and was ready for it. I still do them, especially stamina, sometimes twice over for a long run!

    Keep it up!

  • Stamina twice - wow!

  • Thanks for this post aviv17 . I'm in the same position as you & a bit worried about losing my 'mojo'. I'll definitely give the stepping stones podcast a try now.

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