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W10R2 - C25K Stepping Stone


Today was the second consolidation run. I downloaded the C25K + podcasts and used the stepping stone podcast. I kind of listened (skipping past the sections where Laura was not saying anything) to the podcast last evening so was aware of what to expect.

Things didn’t started well. I forgot to start my Fitbit run tracking at the start of my run, started it almost 4 mins in the run. I was surprised that the auto run detect feature didn’t kicked in. I’ll try find out why it didn’t.

The 150 bpm (for 15 mins) 160 bpm (10 mins) 165 bpm (for last 5 mins) routine proved too challenging. I had to walk for about 3 mins during the run. However on the positive side the avg speed improved since graduating.

So next stop is to consistently (at least 3 consecutive runs) run as per the 150-160-165 routine.

Anyone else used stepping stone podcast and found it challenging and what changes you made to achieve the 150-160-165?

Cheers runners!

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I haven't used them yet. My plan is to just run for 2-3 weeks then do them. Hopefully I'll be a bit closer to 5k by then! I did have a sneaky listen though. Be interested to see peoples responses to this 🙂

These podcasts are great training with new tips on technique. Keep using them and you will reap the benefits. 💪

The slow start on the Stepping Stones really helped me learn to pace myself nice and steady to get through the toxic ten.

Good luck consolidating, put in some 30 minute runs with your own music and try new routes too! 😊xx

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I’m finding the tips on technique helpful. However I’m not able to keep up with the pace routine. I’ll try some of my own music and try couple of 30 mins run and then get on to the stepping stone podcasts


Oh I didn’t know about this. I’ll have to have a look after I finish my last run tomorrow.

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All the best for your graduation run!

These podcasts are good but currently I’m finding them a bit more challenging so will build on more stamina and strength before getting into these

Took me 2 or 3 times to run comfortably at 150bpm. It's worth it though because when you run slow you will find the distance much easier. My natural pace is about 165.


I’m being a massive idiot..,but what do I need to search in iTunes to find these podcasts?? I seem to turning up something different!!! Although i’m probably not up to it yet, it’s time for another challenge. Sounds like you’re doing well on them.

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Here is a link to the c25k+ podcasts


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Thanks so much lovely. Have a great weekend. Xx


At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, the point is to increase footfall and to take more, smaller, steps than you might otherwise. Increasing cadence/footfall is the key getting faster. Your stride length will (allegedly) get longer as you get stronger.

Key thing is not to over-stride and to avoid landing on your heels. That's usually thought to be where runners get injured.

That's really what the podcast is trying to get into your routine: rapid footfall, landing on your midfoot (or forefoot on uphills), and landing really, really lightly... It's just getting you used to what a rapid cadence feels like.

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