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Stepping stone

After graduating for C25k and doing a couple of 30 minute runs I decided to move on to 5k+. I had read various reports about stepping stone so I was a bit dubious about trying this. But I have to say that I did enjoy it. It did seem a little slow to start but I soon settled into the rhythm. I found the 155bpm a good pace, which whilst I have done that speed before it hasn't been for that length of time so I was chuffed that I kept it up and got up a big hill as well. Then the same with the 160bpm. It felt good to be doing more than plodding but I could really feel it by the end. So my advice to any graduate would be, give it go, at least once, you may be surprised.

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How are you recording your heart rate?


I don't. It's beat per minute to music.


Well done.😊Stepping stones is a fave of mine. It teaches you to start really slow, so the toxic ten has less effect and to take short light steps..

You gotta enjoy a bit of Laura coaching as well😄


Cool thanks for your reply. I'll give it a try in a couple of weeks.


I have tried Stepping Stones a couple of times after having completed the 9 weeks (which took me a bit longer, due to lack of time and other commitments, some of which were other classes in the gym) . I wanted to improve my distance as my 30mins run is only about 4.3km - I use GoodRunningGuide to plot and measure it. However I find the 'speed' of the Stepping Stones painfully slow, almost like running in slow motion. I think I must have a really short but fast stride so I'm not covering a lot of ground. Should I slow down so I can make longer strides? It feels really awkward but I really want to get to doing 5km so I can do a Park Run; my aim at the outset was to do one before I'm 60 next April. People tell me that if I do a Park Run, the fact that other people are around means I won't stop but keep going to the end. I know I'd feel bad if I had to stop and walk.


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