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Week 6 run 2

Have just completed this run and the last ten mins were soooo long was jogging along glanced at the clock and five mins forty five seconds to go god almighty how will I ever manage it but I did. By no stretch of the imagination could I say it was easy and I must admit am more than a bit anxious about the next run. Don't think I will ever feel confident about running maybe that just comes with time today was the closet I came to giving I but the thought of having to admit defeat to everyone on the site and my family kept me going. Hope that I can find the mental and physical strength to complete it.

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Your doing brilliantly!!!! The motivation and support that you get from this site helps enormously keep checking back in and reading blogs from people who have done the run your about to do it really does help. Good luck!!!


Look back at what you have achieved already - it's more than most people even attempt, so don't waste it! Be very proud of where you've got to! :)

I think confidence does come with time, but also with finding a pace that is comfortable for you. Many new runners expect to go much faster than their bodies are ready for yet, and dropping down the pace can make it much more manageable.

Some days are just tough for goodness knows what reason, but once I'm past the first five to ten minutes (which I have to admit do mostly tend to be fairly hard work) I can usually get into a bit of a rhythm. Then it's still an effort, but not a horribly unpleasant one - and sometimes it's even enjoyable, especially on a day like today, when it's sunny, and the birds are singing - I heard a skylark this morning which was glorious.

It really is worth keeping going - I know I am so much fitter than before I started, and the effort is paying off. :) And I feel proud too, because it's down to my own effort, and nobody else can do it for me.


Just in from my own W6R2 and the legs are definitely rather wobbly. But I ran outside and had the first half up a bit of a slope so the second 10 mins was pretty well downhill - that really helped. Honestly if you can convince your brain to keep going your legs won't let you down. Keep going, you've done so well to get this far into the training - 2/3 of the way through.


I was doing 5k yesterday, on the hamster wheel because it was too windy to go out and at about 20 minutes in, the gremlins got me and told me to stop, it was too much like hard work and there was no way I could do a whole 5k. Then my husband came into the garage and started asking me questions about something else, when he left I realised that my legs and lungs had carried on whilst my brain was otherwise distracted and they were doing just fine. It really IS a mental thing. Just keep plodding away and do anything you need to to distract yourself. I think I might try the zombies run app next time!


My first 12 to 15 minutes of any run are always hateful. I think distraction is the key - think about anything other than the time you have left :D All the best with it - you can do this!


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