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Losing weight at last (one for the ladies...)

I noticed as I ran today that my sports bra is supporting less than it did even last week - a sure sign that I'm starting to shrink a little! Of course that's never the area one wants to lose it from, but loss is loss, and it's been a long time coming!!

Sadly there seems to be little or no change to the size of my oh so ample bottom and thighs. They're still wobbling nicely! But I've read a few blogs recently from people concerned that their legs are growing as their muscles develop. Mine haven't grown, so I guess that's what's happening. The muscles grow and the fat reduces. Hopefully once the muscles are fully ready the size will reduce somewhat. That's the thought that's keeping me going at the moment.

Meanwhile, I'm going bra shopping tomorrow... :-)

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For what it's worth, I think you're perfect..... xx


Well Stefliser, your not the only one to be shrinking in the chest capacity, I have gone down a back size and a cup size in the last few weeks and noticed my sports bras are doing up easily now (but are still doing a fine job keeping the girls in check, which is no mean feat!!!) :-)

Luckily I have plenty to lose all over, and the cm's seem to be coming off in a quite even manner; I am doing Weight watchers too, and have lost 27lbs so far... 1lb more to hit my first main target of 2 stone off before daughters wedding (12th April)

Lots to go though before my next goal at my 50th in November ;-)


Wow!!! What an amazing achievement!! 2 stone off? Well done you!! You must be feeling (and looking) fabulous!! :-D




The place I want to lose weight- tum, bum & thighs

The place I have lost weight- chest!!!! And it wasn't that big to start with :-(

What is it about losing the lbs there? Must be the jiggling motion :-)


I have dropped nearly a stone..boobs as they are mainly fat tissue but that middle age muffin and fat back!! Women know what I mean. . . I am really pleased with the results from running as I have been going to the gym and doing classes forever. Just need to keep it up. Unfortunately running does make me hungry x


I have lost no weight so well done you! I have,however, noticed I have less "fat back" around the bra area so pleased about that! Thankfully the puppies remain intact as they are my best feature! Lol running makes me hungry too :-(


I notice I have firmer legs and my tummy is flatter, but no weight loss. I now have to stop eating so much as the running makes me hungry too. X


Yes, it's not true to say I've lost weight - I haven't dropped a single pound, despite now being 2 weeks into the Bridge to 10K programme, having finished C25K a while ago. BUT my legs are firmer, my tummy is flatter, and as discussed, my boobs have shrunk a little. SO it's definitely making me leaner and fitter. Just not any lighter. Makes a bit of a mockery of the whole BMI thing really...


My daughters boyfriend spends a lot of time at the gym weightlifting and is built like a rugby player, there's not an ounce of fat on him anywhere but if you do his BMI he is classed as obese! It's not a perfect tool.

Ps. My boobs disappeared first as well :(


Thanks for this. :-)

It's true that we're all different. I'm 5'9 and wear size 14 clothes, so I'm not enormous. My BMI is somewhere over 28 and closer to 'obese' than 'normal', but that's just the way I'm built.

At the end of the day, I eat sensibly, run 4+ miles 3 times a week, stay well within my 14 units of alcohol a week, and I have a busy, generally active lifestyle. There can't be too much wrong with me. To me, that's all more important than a simple number...

(And a doctor friend did once point out to me that as I have size 8 feet, have to buy men's gloves, and can never get hats big enough to fit me, I have actually genuinely got big bones! I'm a walking cliche! :-D)


Snap. 5'9, size 14 and do a reasonable amount of exercise and don't throw lots of junk down my throat. Same problem with the BMI calculator - 27 and 'overweight'. It's frustrating as I'm losing inches so trying not to look at the chart too much!!


Yes - don't worry about the chart. For all the hype, it's a height-weight chart. It takes no account of build, fitness, or even gender (a 5'9 guy of my weight would have no boobs and a much less curvy bum and thighs than me, so all that weight would be pure fat!).

At the end of the day, our collective experience on this programme, MUST tell us something. We're all getting thinner, leaner, more toned, fitter and smaller, but just not lighter. According to the BMI indicator none of us has changed at all. What rubbish!!

Well done on losing inches!! And on running and building fitness!! :-) When they develop a system that takes account of things like that, I'll worry about what it says aboiut me :-)


I too have lost what little of my chest I had and noticed yesterday that I can now spin my skirt whilst done up but have not lost one single pound so assuming I am gaining muscle. When I look in the mirror I don't notice this so have you tried taking measurements so that you can gauge when you are losing inches rather than weight it definitely helps with motivation!!. Good luck to you and Slideman I think its fabulous you are going through this together.


Thanks Karenmac :-)

We're off on a (hopefully) sun-soaked holiday at the end of May, and I'm resisting buying any summer clothes till after my 10K 3 weeks beforehand. I'm sure I'll be wearing nicer/smaller things by then... :-)

Thanks for your encouragement too! It's fantastic that he's joined me on this amazing path, and it's great to know I've inspired someone else to start out on it!! :-)


Ha - I had to go bra shopping on Saturday for a bigger size! That's nothing to do with taking up running though, I've been rocking the four boobs look for several months now, though given this thread purchases were premature and I should have waited.

The BMI conversation reminded me of the time I got on my Dad's "clever" scales and was promptly informed I was "overfat"! "Overweight" I could live with, even "obese" I could accept stoically but "overFAT"??! :)


OverFAT?? You poor thing! I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry if it said that!!

Happy new bra, and here's hoping you're back in the smaller ones before too long (if you want to be, of course!!) :-D


My boobs will disappear???? Hooray!!!!! They first appeared suddenly when I was 13, and have been in my way ever since... My first run I had to keep my arms under them for support!

Seriously, I haven't lost any weight, but my jeans and skirts are looser - so something is happening - I wish i'd measured myself when I started!

Keep it up.


newrunner56 - I couldn't agree more!!

If I wasn't feeling energised or focused before reading this thread, I certainly am now!

I have to keep my arms under mine when I run upstairs, although a very good M&S sports bra takes the brunt of it when I'm out running.

I'd love to lose a few inches in the bust area, they're much too big for my 5'3" frame :(

Bring it on!!


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